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Hey! Another International PONIIA this week matching upMichael Zelnerfrom Oakland, CA;Luerfrom Fargo, ND;Pablo Perez from Los Angeles, CA; andTerence Fuller from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada; with DJ LUCY in San Francisco filling us up with dread. Great show all around and particularly happy to have Luer back for a 2nd round along with a rare live appearance by Michael Zelner. Terrific duo they make. Big thanks to Albert Ortega for hooking us up with Pablo Perez -- his fast cut rhythm and noise interweaves beautifully with the dirty kkrakkling of Terence Fuller. We take one week off and return in 2. Enjoy your summer break.
pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:15:37
Michael Zelner <+> Luer 0:15:37 - 0:44:29
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:44:29 - 0:55:40
Pablo Perez <+> Terence Fuller 0:55:40 - 1:18:32
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:18:32 - 1:36:07
PONIIA #16 4tet 1:36:07 - 1:59:56
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 1:59:56 - 2:37:03

have a great week - try and lea… radio/////PONIIA #15

On July 6, 2020 prolific composer extraordinaire, Ennio Morricone, passed away, leaving a massive legacy of amazing film music, composition, and sonic experimentation that will stretch and bend genres and minds until the end of time. For this week's PONIIA, we are blessed to have a return visit by DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires, who happens to be a huge Morricone aficionado. We asked Fly-Faced if she would do a tribute to il Maestro, and she got back to us with "i've, um, pulled 7 hours of music". She cut that 7 hours down some, but we still have a marathon presentation for you this week. The entire show with the live sets totals close to 6 hours. Not a second wasted or filler, and as Fly-Faced mentioned many times, she had to cut out A LOT.
Speaking of the live acts--this week we have visits by Cruel Work engineered by Angela Roberts on cello and Scott Goff on electronics, James Goode, who may or may… radio/////PONIIA #14

We attempt a sort of 'band' night with PONIIA #14 with 3 ensembles instead of our standard 4 improvisers split into duos and 4tet. The whole thing ends up as kind of a gorgeous clusterfuck. The evening starts with Charm & Strange which is normally comprised of Sharkiface (connecting remotely from Yucca Valley) and Julia Mazawa (SF), but sometime between sound check and showtime, Sharki's gear takes a dump, and we spend the entire set trying (and failing) to solve the problem. So what you hear here is a robust solo Charm & Strange provided by the stupendous Julia Mazawa. Let's call it Strange. She brings it. After that we have a record release performance by RIPONE, a new project made up of Tyler Harwood (New Orleans, LA) + Peter Stopschinski (Austin, TX). This is some killer synth grooviness and you should go grab a stripper pole and get yr moves in. Top notch fun by these two longtime collaborators. Then, we have the 0th… radio/////PONIIA #13

International PONIIA this week matching upNorman Longfrom Chicago, IL;Michael Bullockfrom Florence, MA;Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman)from Huddersfield in the UK; andYasi Perrera (Syrnx)from Richmond, CA; withDJ Jon Satrom in Chicago making us feel all right. 
An excellent matchup of voices some of which were previously unheard by me. Norman is a master of his field recordings and other manipulations and the duet here with Michael on the contrabass is really remarkable. Yasi Perrera was having technical trouble with his laptop and was unable to hear anyone else before we got started, and backstage he and Jorge were discussing the option of neither listening to one another at all. I cannot tell you what ended up transpiring, but it sounds like they are in the same room even if across a big freakin pond. A super pleasure for me to hear Jorge again, here on guitar and synths and voice, who left the Bay Area and the U.S. maybe 12 years ago, an… radio/////PONIIA #12

Ok we took a couple weeks off and the world got sicker, or at least the US did, so we had to come back with a wallop. Today's all-star lineup features Victoria Shen, Aaron Dilloway, Zachary James Watkins, and Raven Chacon, with DJ Sue Problema feeding the synapses. I'm gonna leave the sonic descriptors on the floor because, well, you just have to listen. Loud. Rattle those rafters.
pre-show music (DJ Sue Problema) 0:00:00 - 0:15:58
Victoria Shen <+> Aaron Dilloway 0:15:58 - 0:42:30
interlude 1 (DJ Sue Problema) 0:42:30 - 0:55:51
Zachary James Watkins <+> Raven Chacon 0:55:51 - 1:24:17
interlude 2 (DJ Sue Problema) 1:24:17 - 1:38:02
PONIIA 4tet 1:38:02 - 2:07:00
post-show music (DJ Sue Problema) 2:07:00 - 2:25:13

stay safe and keep making noise!

total running time 2hr25min radio/////PONIIA #11

We continue to raise funds this week for some great organizations helping black communities, in particular surrounding the racist state-enabled police violence enacted against them. This week we have a serious roster featuring the machines of Ezra Teboul from Troy, NY; avant-ambient guitarforms from Cinchel, the incredible soundscapes of David MolinaTransient, and Ratskin Records head honcho and all around amazing artist and advocate Malocculsion. The whole evening is really well strung-together in solidarity by DJ Jon Satrom
This show took place on the birthday of JSUN McCarty who would absolutely have been a participant in this series and is incredibly missed by his friends family and community. JSUN we love you. 
If you are enjoying the noises, please consider a donation to these organizations or similar BLACK LIVES MATTER adjacent organizations. This week we support Black Trans Travel Fund, The Okra Project, My Block My Hood My City, and radio/////PONIIA #10

We continue to raise funds this week for some great organizations helping black communities, in particular surrounding the racist state-enabled police violence enacted against them. This week we have an incredible lineup of Hans Grüsel, Loachfillet, Bob Bellerue, and a revisit from one of our favorite vocalists, Danishta Rivero
This Grüsel/Loachfillet duet is some of the most unexpected music i've heard recently, and certainly an enjoyably mind-blowing composed and conceived piece for this evening, combining comedy, drama and horror--you pick your favorite flavor. I love this piece. Rivero/Bellerue come at this evening hard and cathartic-- and in maybe my favorite blip of the night--Rivero in the height of intensity hops onto the Twitch (where we are broadcasting) chat to say, "just taking a break for a second to say FUCK THE POLICE". Great use of this weird medium to heighten the moment. The 4tet takes one leg of the horror sound… radio/////PONIIA #9

In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officers Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng, and Tou Thao we present this week's PONIIA as a benefit to protests and actions against the Minneapolis police and throughout the United States. Did I say "united" states? Well, shit the people ARE united against police brutality and the systemically racist system that allows these atrocities to occur over and over again. We are witnessing protests all around the world right now and that feels like the only thing that's right lately and needs to keep happening to radically change this system. If you are enjoying this music, please consider a donation to these organizations or similar BLACK LIVES MATTER adjacent organizations.
Reclaim the Block
Black Visions Collective
North Star Health Collective https://w… radio/////PONIIA #8

Some nautical themes this week, which is fantastic cause the heat is really getting to us.
First up this week we have a top-notch duo with Neil Jendon and Stephan Moore, both from Chicago. I have seen Neil play modular synth in Chicago before, but Stephan is new to me, and the two of them match very nicely in a long-form cut and twist. At this point in the live broadcast, things are rolling smooth as silk. Up next is some serious anchor weight with Suki O'Kane and Jorge Bachman. When I asked Suki to play our series, she suggested a duo with Jorge with whom she had a previously scheduled and then cancelled performance due to closures-19. Happy to provide a home for this duo as it cooks. And at this point in the live broadcast, my laptop (and video machine and broadcast host) is starting to cook too! I notice the video getting choppy, but the audio is still pristine. After another well-curated break by WOBBLY who is providing the earglue this ev… radio/////PONIIA #7

It's no secret I stan Headboggle, but this week's pairing of the heady one (still stationed in the Tenderloin/SF) with Michael Sugarman, aka Sug (finishing some degree in Cambridge, MA) is the brainchild of Soliday who has been clamoring for this duo from the beginning. It does not disappoint. They squeeze together like a couple of hairy fleshballs healing and melting into one another. Headboggle exits the set prematurely with an internet disconnect which is the live streamer's version of the noise table dump. Alexandra Buschman/Demonsleeper (Oakland, CA), one half of the brujería rhythm and noise duo Las Sucias, and one of my favorite vocalist-noisers around, requested a duo with her pal Rafael Vargas-Bernard, aka Calnepuelco, who is currently in Miami, FL. They deliver a harsh-strong wall of vocal-synth noise. Maybe the purest noise set we've had in this series. Intense and earth-quaking. The 4tet, slow to start, ends up making … radio/////PONIIA #6

This group, new to me, consisting of Anna Friz (Santa Cruz, CA), Jeff Kolar (CHI, IL), Stephen Germana (WPB, FL), Peter Speer (AVL, NC), Jonny Farrow (Vermont) perform as NRRF B and are a group of bona fide RADIO artists. That's exciting to me and they really deliver an ongoing pastiche of thought transmissions to push and pull you into and out of focus. Inspired! and well-supported by our local fave DJ LUCY.
pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:14:08
Anna Friz <+> Jeff Kolar 0:14:08 - 0:42:43
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:42:43 - 0:56:38
Stephen Germana <+> Peter Speer <+> Jonny Farrow 0:56:38 - 1:31:11
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:31:11 - 1:42:35
NRRF B 1:42:35 - 2:15:22
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 2:15:22 - 2:40:36

stay safe and don't forget to back up yr hard drives!

total running time 2hr40min radio/////PONIIA #5


Dreamy fantasy lineup for this PONIIA with duos of Albert Ortega <+> Todd A. Carter followed by Zachary James Watkins <+> Thomas Dimuzio and then the full PONIIA 4tet. Tasty pre/post/inter-show morsels provided by DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires
I've known Albert for years and seen him play under his own name as well as Legg Lake and Dirty Branchez. He never disappoints and is always moving in non-linear paths forward with synths and shakers and gourds. Todd is part of TV POW in Chicago and for this gig he stuck a microphone out his window and broadcast the sounds of Ashland Ave amongst some heavy 'other' sounds. Zach is from the venerable Black Spirituals and brought his axe to PLAY with Thomas and his wall of Buchla. This is a HEAVY PONIIA nicely supported by Fly-Faced's nod to the best of horror scores and demented electronics.

pre-show music (DJ FLY-FACED) 0:00:00 - 0:14:17
Albert Ortega &… radio/////PONIIA #4


Interesting twists for this week's PONIIA: First off, this is a quartet that has played together before, more than once. I saw them at SF's Canessa Gallery--a great venue/series run by Bryan Day. I've been a fan of Greg Kelley's lips since booking Nmperign (his duo with Bhob Rainey) at the Clit Stop around 20 years ago. The flatulence he coaxes out of the trumpet is utterly industrial in its scope. Jacob Felix Heule is one of my favorite free improv percussionists in the Bay Area or anywhere for that matter--he has incredible posture and manages to exude some kinda zen calm before unleashing a blistering storm. Danishta Rivero does tricks on voice and electronics that i know not how she does. She has a way channelling beauty and ugly in her sound and transcends both ends of the spectrum. Chris Cooper's noise-guitar work as Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase as well as out-rock outfit Fat Worm of Error is always working at you from a mul… radio/////PONIIA #3


Seriously cut-up and ridiculous PONIIA this week. Wobbly and Shatter Pattern are friends and I'm deeply familiar with both of their aural output, but I've never seen/heard them in duo form before, so an exciting combo for me personally. I have one MUKQS tape that I enjoy quite a bit, but have never met Max or seen/heard him live, so definitely less familiar to me, and Soliday brought in another Chicagoan, Jen Hill (performing here as Gin Hell) to fill the quartet. I had not heard Jen's music at all before this. Turns out to be immensely enjoyable and cohesive evening of music. Really impressed with the first duo of Gin Hell <+> MUKQS. they hit the ground running and have a really fraktasticly call-and-response approach to this weird tech we are using. Shatter Pattern <+> Wobbly next make some impossible music together, complete with vocals and beautiful song-like forms emerging from the nebulae, as well as smarmy commenta… radio/////PONIIA #2


So we've all been suddenly launched into this space where we're trying to achieve everything socially and publicly through the internet and that comes along with some god-damned technical challenges. And we had some god-damned technical challenges this week! Starting with the fact that I FORGOT TO HIT RECORD for the first 10 minutes of the show (really more of an old-school god-damned technical challenge). So I missed the pre-show music from our lobby curator du jour d-j soliday and approximately the first 5 minutes of the opening duo. But you still get the best of the best of the rest that's pretty freaking great.

A fantastic group of 4 this week with Sharkiface from Oakland, Marlo Eggplant from all over but currently in LA, Bill Hsu from San Francisco, and Peter J Woods from Milwaukee. The opening duo of Sharki+Marlo hits it's stride a few minutes in and does not relent with it's thump and gloom. Seriously potent.

Bill + P… radio/////PONIIA #1


well, it's been 2 years since I've fired up this particular mode of working, i.e., broadcasting some form of internet radio live to the world and then archiving it so it can be podd'd up for post-consumption. I can't claim any particular hinderance to my regularity of posting these apart from a general lack of focus and enthusiasm that comes in sharp waves and wanes, but here we now are: in a fucked-up landscape of disease and shaky truths and a lot of us are being tested. hard. and there is time, and i believe, a need for us to reach out to each other is some form even through scaly tentacles.

my old pal and music partner Jason Soliday of Crank Satori in Chicago posted something on Twatter about the desire to collaborate online in realtime and mentioned Ninjam, which I hadn't previously heard about. I got to looking into the software and managed to set up a server and sent Soliday a message "hey i've got a ninjam se…