radio/////PONIIA #3


Seriously cut-up and ridiculous PONIIA this week. Wobbly and Shatter Pattern are friends and I'm deeply familiar with both of their aural output, but I've never seen/heard them in duo form before, so an exciting combo for me personally. I have one MUKQS tape that I enjoy quite a bit, but have never met Max or seen/heard him live, so definitely less familiar to me, and Soliday brought in another Chicagoan, Jen Hill (performing here as Gin Hell) to fill the quartet. I had not heard Jen's music at all before this. Turns out to be immensely enjoyable and cohesive evening of music. Really impressed with the first duo of Gin Hell <+> MUKQS. they hit the ground running and have a really fraktasticly call-and-response approach to this weird tech we are using. Shatter Pattern <+> Wobbly next make some impossible music together, complete with vocals and beautiful song-like forms emerging from the nebulae, as well as smarmy commentary from the Wobbly-branded peanut gallery. DJ LUCY puts her own spin on the interludes this week, and suffice to say it got us all revved up sufficiently such that most of the beginnings and ends of sets and 'ludes are blended well beyond definition. i put general start and stop times down below for navigation, but not all those numbers reflect exactly what you will hear. The 4tet this week is a perfect blend of these voices with some damn wizardry i can't quite comprehend, but gladly succumb to. Probably the most cohesive PONIIA to date, imho.

pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:10:36
Gin Hell <+> MUKQS 0:10:36 - 0:39:05
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:39:08 - 0:49:45
Shatter Pattern <+> Wobbly 0:46:43 - 1:16:19
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:16:19 - 1:25:51
PONIIA 4tet 1:25:51 - 1:59:37
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 1:59:39 - 2:15:09

stay safe and don't forget to dust yr plants!

total running time 2hr15min


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