radio/////PONIIA #17


Terrific show this week with Kim Nucci, Ezra Teboul, LeggLake, and Eric Leonardson. All set up and served by Bobby Ganush (Discos Extra├▒os). We lost BobbyG right at the top of the evening due to some tech difficulties, so he doesn't join the first DJ set until the last song. Luckily we had some tunes ready to rock just in case. But this musical fiend makes up for it by providing killer "themed" sets throughout the rest of the evening, plus an extended 77-minute afterparty to get yr haunted groove on. 

The duo sets, starting with Kim + Ezra are particularly strong this week. Really nice interplay from these two. Followed up by another really superb duo from Albert and Eric. Eric's rich deep tones from his custom built electroacoustic instruments blend incredibly well with LeggLake's synth tones. As a 4tet, the whole thing deepens and broadens. Put this one on for your fish friends.

pre-show music (JR/Bobby Ganush) 0:00:00 - 0:16:01
Kim Nucci <+> Ezra Teboul 0:16:01 - 0:40:10
interlude 1 (Bobby Ganush) 0:40:10 - 0:55:33
LeggLake <+> Eric Leonardson 0:55:33 - 1:27:34
interlude 2 (Bobby Ganush) 1:27:34 - 1:44:07
PONIIA #17 4tet 1:44:07 - 2:07:26
post-show music (Bobby Ganush) 2:07:26 - 3:24:59

have a great week - leave them pickles alone!

total running time 3hr25min


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