radio/////PONIIA #11


We continue to raise funds this week for some great organizations helping black communities, in particular surrounding the racist state-enabled police violence enacted against them. This week we have a serious roster featuring the machines of Ezra Teboul from Troy, NY; avant-ambient guitarforms from Cinchel, the incredible soundscapes of David MolinaTransient, and Ratskin Records head honcho and all around amazing artist and advocate Malocculsion. The whole evening is really well strung-together in solidarity by DJ Jon Satrom

This show took place on the birthday of JSUN McCarty who would absolutely have been a participant in this series and is incredibly missed by his friends family and community. JSUN we love you. 

If you are enjoying the noises, please consider a donation to these organizations or similar BLACK LIVES MATTER adjacent organizations. This week we support Black Trans Travel Fund, The Okra Project, My Block My Hood My City, and 2nd Street Farm in Troy, NY.

Let's keep this going, folks. No let up in sight. Except...we are taking a small PONIIA break for a couple of weeks and will come roaring back in July. Just think, if you are reading/listening at some point in the distant future--you won't miss a beat! (beat) (bea) (be) (b)...

pre-show music (DJ Jon Satrom) 0:00:00 - 0:19:45
Ezra Teboul <+> Cinchel 0:19:45 - 0:51:17
interlude 1 (DJ Jon Satrom) 0:51:17 - 1:10:45
Transient <+> Malocculsion 1:10:45 - 1:48:03
interlude 2 (DJ Jon Satrom) 1:48:03 - 2:04:46
PONIIA 4tet 2:04:46 - 2:29:48
post-show music (DJ Jon Satrom) 2:29:48 - 2:51:33

stay safe and make sure your voice is heard!

total running time 2hr51min


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