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doorkey leads us outside and up to a typically chilly san francisco rooftop summer evening. the fog rolling in from behind and encircling us like wolves with remnants of post-july4 fireworks detritus periodically launching into view proves to be the perfect setting for this very engaging well-paced variety-musique set. the first outdoor soundcrack broadcast! went mostly without a technical hitch. got a 15 min late start due to figuring, but made up for it at the butt end which convulsively diarreahs out a stream of corn-laced liquid gold in the form of strung-together samples from the resipiscent catalog. did i mention the moon rises blood red during this?? what a night. 132mb 2hr23min ==rooftwop entro== Duggie Ward - Welcome To My Mind Agata - Spike - Bone Puzzle Emil Richards - Sardonyx (August) hal blaine w emil richards The Machine Gun TV - About Her Mephista – Beloukia Loachfillet - Porum Landing Los Negritos - Es Hora De Bailar Igor Wakevitch - Hathor The Golden Barrel radio///Satanic Church Radio 07.02.07

another great show from Karla and her guest...great new ettrick, z'ev, some james twig harper i've never heard, and bollywood rarities hand-picked and streamed right from youtube into this stream into your brain into my brain...pick my brain. up. off the floor. 2hrs 110mb Title: Rectums Merging Artist: At Jennie Richie Album: Satanic Church Radio with Title: Parking Lots Beyond Tomato Artist: Points of Friction Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: MTM106 - 646/8 Artist: Thai 7" Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Boots Artist: Mrs. Miller Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Where Was You Artist: Z'ev Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Astro Twin Artist: Utah Kawasaki Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Ruby Baby Artist: Dion Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Glorious Rise of Lord Zorkhus Artist: Dog Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Eagle's Nest On Fire Artist: Slicing Grandpa Album: Satanic Church Radio Title: Concerto Grosso #1 Artist: Alfred Schnittk