radio/////PONIIA #16


Hey! Another International PONIIA this week matching up Michael Zelner from Oakland, CA; Luer from Fargo, ND; Pablo Perez from Los Angeles, CA; and Terence Fuller from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada; with DJ LUCY in San Francisco filling us up with dread. Great show all around and particularly happy to have Luer back for a 2nd round along with a rare live appearance by Michael Zelner. Terrific duo they make. Big thanks to Albert Ortega for hooking us up with Pablo Perez -- his fast cut rhythm and noise interweaves beautifully with the dirty kkrakkling of Terence Fuller. We take one week off and return in 2. Enjoy your summer break.

pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:15:37
Michael Zelner <+> Luer 0:15:37 - 0:44:29
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:44:29 - 0:55:40
Pablo Perez <+> Terence Fuller 0:55:40 - 1:18:32
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:18:32 - 1:36:07
PONIIA #16 4tet 1:36:07 - 1:59:56
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 1:59:56 - 2:37:03

have a great week - try and learn one tiny new skill!

total running time 2hr37min


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