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Porest presents... Mark Gergis last visited soundcrack around 9 years ago and created one of my favorite hours of nonlinear performative noise-radio. If you found your way to reading this, you can figure out where to download that. After growing up and spending much of his adult/creative life in the Bay Area, Mark left the U.S. during the "Obama regime", spent several years in Vietnam and Malaysia, and is currently a nomadic nowhere/nobody and finds himself living in the UK. During a recent visit back home in the Bay, I was able to convince Mark to make a quick trip to the studio for a session. We were both incredibly busy the whole time he was here, and so I didn't expect him to craft anything as elaborate as his previous show. I was totally blown away when he showed up April 9 with a script and brand new material as well as a handful of Porest favorites (including a live performance of "The Porest Trap"), and some h0tshite selections from his incredible