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PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #212 heavy-hitter bands from the Midwest, or as Soliday put it, "the best of the Midwest". Whisker from Chicago, IL and Moth Cock from Kent, OH. Whisker is made up of Ben Billington and Andrew Scott Young. Moth Cock is Doug Gent and Pat Modugno. Two incredibly intense sets and then an unbelievable 4tet combining both bands. DJ LUCY is as close to a PONIIA house DJ as we get, and she delivers tonight with a lot of upbeat quirky tunes to offset the dread. One of the strongest PONIIA's to date for sure. Get ready.pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:16:30
Whisker 0:16:30 - 0:47:57
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:47:57 - 1:00:43
Moth Cock 1:00:43 - 1:27:59
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:27:59 - 1:42:50
Whisker + Moth Cock 1:42:50 - 2:14:29
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 2:14:29 - 2:42:16

have a great week and enjoy the fresh air if you got some!

total running time 2hr42min radio/////PONIIA #20

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #20Dark orange mornings in California are the new new in 2020 and why not just add it to the growing list of nonsense we have to deal with. At least you have some seriously toxic sounds to go with your toxic air and political environment. This week's show features returning PONIIA all-star Norman Long (Chicago, IL) along with new recruits TanukiSpiderCat (SF, CA), and the longtime duo EKG comprised of Ernst Karel (West Marin, CA) and Kyle Bruckmann (Oakland, CA). Killer live sets from these four, robustly glued together by our good pal Jungle Junk spinning the interludes from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
pre-show music (Jungle Junk) 0:00:00 - 0:13:49
Norman Long <+> TanukiSpiderCat 0:13:49 - 0:46:13
interlude 1 (Jungle Junk) 0:46:13 - 1:00:01
EKG: Ernst Karel <+> Kyle Bruckmann 1:00:01 - 1:31:15
interlude 2 (Jungle Junk) 1:31:15 - 1:45:58
PONIIA #20 4tet 1:45:58 - 2:18:38
post-show music (Jungle Junk) 2:18:38 - 2:35:47

have a great week and keep … radio/////PONIIA #19

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #19Another "ensemble" night where we diverge from our usual format of 4 improvisers split into 2 duos and then a 4tet. Well, we do have 2 exquisite duos this week with Akosuen <+> Cinchel (both from Chicago), followed by Pamela Z <+> Wobbly (both from San Francisco), but our 3rd act is an 11-person ensemble conducted by Moe Staiano on Zoom. Our previous attempt at bringing folks together on Zoom for 0th's Scream Opera turned into a predictably fun but completely chaotic mess of Zoom artifacts and feedback (not unlike my 4 year-old's first Kindergarten Spanish class this morning). This time, we tried to prepare the Zoom meeting for better audio, and our musicians were more prepared, and I think the results are pretty fantastic. Bravo to Moe and his group for really bringing it. Akosuen and Cinchel blend their respective strings and keys into a gorgeous floaty dreamworld with edges. Pamela Z brings her chopped OP(era) to…