radio/////PONIIA #18


Crazy high octane show this week with new UK pals Mariam Rezaei, Kenosist, and Petronn Sphene, alongside old Bay Area pals Midmight and Horaflora. Soliday is the mastermind of this show and things gel like a molten cigarette bucket burning on yr patio. There is a perfect edgy fidget to both Midmight and Horaflora that clicks just right in their duo. Mariam, Mark and Gretchen next kill a rapidfire skronky beat-oriented brain shiatsu that hurts just in the right way. And then, this 5tet of all 5 of these fookers is something to witness--serious embers floating in the air afterwards, and i'm not talking about Cali-fire-nia. The whole show is seared together by an incredible Mariam Rezaei DJ set, with a tasty Bay Area via UK tribute by Kenosist after the Bay duo plays.

pre-show music (Mariam Rezaei) 0:00:00 - 0:15:47
Midmight <+> Horaflora 0:15:47 - 0:47:40
interlude 1 (Kenosist) 0:47:40 - 1:02:54
Mariam Rezaei <+> Kenosist <+> Petronn Sphene 1:02:54 - 1:32:56
interlude 2 (Mariam Rezaei) 1:32:56 - 1:45:43
PONIIA #18 5tet 1:45:43 - 2:16:21
post-show music (Mariam Rezaei) 2:16:21 - 2:50:44

have a great week - yeah!

total running time 2hr50min


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