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first off, this woj can cook! let him stir up some veggies for you, he's got the culinary talent in spades. put this man on the cooking show. you know the one. with the angry brit head chef and a bunch of loser saps sweatin into pots and choppin fingers instead of chard. dam. ok, after the meal this woj puts together a real fine variety show + some live depression to lubricate your mouth pistol before the big shove. listen close for some real hidden gems in there--my highlight: the only known recording of Depeche Commode featuring DNA+Planetsize in duo. paniful. in fact this whole fucking set is painful. god dam. where's the party like the last woj? where's the laughs? ah ok... "The last laugh is the long, long, long, last laugh ." 107mb 1hr57min Title: Snake Charmer Music from N. India Artist: ???? Album: ???? Title: Shell of a Man Artist: Wojciehowvicz Album: live 05.16.08 Title: General Slugra Artist: Unknown Comedian Al radio///JAMES GOODE 05.06.08

A bit of tech info I must pass on for folks listening in to this performance-recording: First off, our soundcrack session this time is broadcast live from the 8-channel surround tinkertoy studio of mr. James Goode. It's a real treat to get to hear James mix his small electronics and physical object clank in surround, and in order to approximate this for the stereo broadcast, we decided to do a mix of live mics and direct mixer feed to achieve in depth what would be lacking in multiple channels of broadcast sound. I think the results are pretty stunning. Even more stunning is the fact that much (and in the case of the 2nd set--99%) of the sounds are created from small physical objects--sometimes manipulated digitally, but oftentimes you are hearing an actual physical object being manipulated with incredible non-DSP tools such as PHYSICS and GRAVITY and HANDS and MOUTH. You won't believe me, but check out the heavy synth noise sections in p2 ("last-o-cast") startin