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We continue to raise funds this week for some great organizations helping black communities, in particular surrounding the racist state-enabled police violence enacted against them. This week we have an incredible lineup of Hans Grüsel, Loachfillet, Bob Bellerue, and a revisit from one of our favorite vocalists, Danishta Rivero

This Grüsel/Loachfillet duet is some of the most unexpected music i've heard recently, and certainly an enjoyably mind-blowing composed and conceived piece for this evening, combining comedy, drama and horror--you pick your favorite flavor. I love this piece. Rivero/Bellerue come at this evening hard and cathartic-- and in maybe my favorite blip of the night--Rivero in the height of intensity hops onto the Twitch (where we are broadcasting) chat to say, "just taking a break for a second to say FUCK THE POLICE". Great use of this weird medium to heighten the moment. The 4tet takes one leg of the horror soundscapes of the Grüsel/Loachfillet duet and one leg of the cathartic scrawl of Rivero/Bellerue and increases the depths even further. A truly intense and magical evening of music. DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires glues the whole thing together with a "solidarity set". Impeccable taste, as usual, even as it strays from her normal horrrrible roots.

If you are enjoying the noises, please consider a donation to these organizations or similar BLACK LIVES MATTER adjacent organizations. We have chosen one group from Chicago - GoodKids MadCity, and one from the Bay Area - People's Breakfast. The Garnerway Foundation was chosen in particular because a portion of the Hans Grüsel/Loachfillet piece was created in memory of Eric Garner. We followed the lead of Ratskin Records, who donated all their proceeds from Bandcamp Day on June 5, 2020 to the Gianna Floyd Fund.

Let's keep this going, folks. No let up in sight.

pre-show music (DJ FLY-FACED) 0:00:00 - 0:16:16
Hans Grüsel <+> Loachfillet 0:16:16 - 0:50:30
interlude 1 (DJ FLY-FACED) 0:50:30 - 1:05:47
Danishta Rivero <+> Bob Bellerue 1:05:47 - 1:37:06
interlude 2 (DJ FLY-FACED) 1:37:06 - 1:51:59
PONIIA 4tet 1:51:59 - 2:33:05
post-show music (DJ FLY-FACED) 2:33:05 - 2:47:41

stay safe and make sure your voice is heard!

total running time 2hr47min


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