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PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #15 On July 6, 2020 prolific composer extraordinaire, Ennio Morricone , passed away, leaving a massive legacy of amazing film music , composition , and sonic experimentation that will stretch and bend genres and minds until the end of time. For this week's PONIIA, we are blessed to have a return visit by DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires , who happens to be a huge Morricone aficionado. We asked Fly-Faced if she would do a tribute to il Maestro, and she got back to us with "i've, um, pulled 7 hours of music". She cut that 7 hours down some, but we still have a marathon presentation for you this week. The entire show with the live sets totals close to 6 hours. Not a second wasted or filler, and as Fly-Faced mentioned many times, she had to cut out A LOT. Speaking of the live acts--this week we have visits by Cruel Work engineered by Angela Roberts on cello and Scott Goff on electronics, James Goode , who ma radio/////PONIIA #14

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #14 We attempt a sort of 'band' night with PONIIA #14 with 3 ensembles instead of our standard 4 improvisers split into duos and 4tet. The whole thing ends up as k ind of a gorgeous clusterfuck. The evening starts with Charm & Strange which is normally comprised of Sharkiface (connecting remotely from Yucca Valley) and Julia Mazawa (SF), but sometime between sound check and showtime, Sharki's gear takes a dump, and we spend the entire set trying (and failing) to solve the problem. So what you hear here is a robust solo Charm & Strange provided by the stupendous Julia Mazawa. Let's call it Strange. She brings it. After that we have a record release performance by RIPONE , a new project made up of Tyler Harwood (New Orleans, LA) + Peter Stopschinski (Austin, TX). This is some killer synth grooviness and you should go grab a stripper pole and get yr moves in. Top notch fun by these two longtime collaborators . Then, we have radio/////PONIIA #13

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #13 International PONIIA this week matching up   Norman Long   from Chicago, IL;   Michael Bullock   from Florence, MA;   Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman)   from Huddersfield in the UK;  and   Yasi Perrera (Syrnx)   from Richmond, CA;  with   DJ Jon Satrom  in Chicago  making us feel all right.  An excellent matchup of voices some of which were previously unheard by me. Norman is a master of his field recordings and other manipulations and the duet here with Michael on the contrabass is really remarkable. Yasi Perrera was having technical trouble with his laptop and was unable to hear anyone else before we got started, and backstage he and Jorge were discussing the option of neither listening to one another at all. I cannot tell you what ended up transpiring, but it sounds like they are in the same room even if across a big freakin pond. A super pleasure for me to hear Jorge again, here on guitar and synths and voice, who left the Bay Area and radio/////PONIIA #12

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #12 Ok we took a couple weeks off and the world got sicker, or at least the US did, so we had to come back with a wallop. Today's all-star lineup features Victoria Shen , Aaron Dilloway , Zachary James Watkins , and Raven Chacon , with DJ Sue Problema feeding the synapses. I'm gonna leave the sonic descriptors on the floor because, well, you just have to listen. Loud. Rattle those rafters. pre-show music (DJ Sue Problema) 0:00:00 - 0:15:58 Victoria Shen <+> Aaron Dilloway 0:15:58 - 0:42:30 interlude 1 (DJ Sue Problema) 0:42:30 - 0:55:51 Zachary James Watkins <+> Raven Chacon 0:55:51 - 1:24:17 interlude 2 (DJ Sue Problema) 1:24:17 - 1:38:02 PONIIA 4tet 1:38:02 - 2:07:00 post-show music (DJ Sue Problema) 2:07:00 - 2:25:13 stay safe and keep making noise! total running time 2hr25min