radio/////PONIIA #5


Dreamy fantasy lineup for this PONIIA with duos of Albert Ortega <+> Todd A. Carter followed by Zachary James Watkins <+> Thomas Dimuzio and then the full PONIIA 4tet. Tasty pre/post/inter-show morsels provided by DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires

I've known Albert for years and seen him play under his own name as well as Legg Lake and Dirty Branchez. He never disappoints and is always moving in non-linear paths forward with synths and shakers and gourds. Todd is part of TV POW in Chicago and for this gig he stuck a microphone out his window and broadcast the sounds of Ashland Ave amongst some heavy 'other' sounds. Zach is from the venerable Black Spirituals and brought his axe to PLAY with Thomas and his wall of Buchla. This is a HEAVY PONIIA nicely supported by Fly-Faced's nod to the best of horror scores and demented electronics.

pre-show music (DJ FLY-FACED) 0:00:00 - 0:14:17
Albert Ortega <+> Todd A. Carter 0:14:17 - 0:44:28
interlude 1 (DJ FLY-FACED) 0:44:28 - 0:57:35
Zachary James Watkins <+> Thomas Dimuzio 0:57:53 - 1:19:28
interlude 2 (DJ FLY-FACED) 1:19:28 - 1:28:49
PONIIA 4tet 1:28:49 - 1:58:12
post-show music (DJ FLY-FACED) 1:58:12 - 2:21:04

stay safe and don't forget to scrub yr nuts!

total running time 2hr21min


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