radio/////PONIIA #13


International PONIIA this week matching up Norman Long from Chicago, IL; Michael Bullock from Florence, MA; Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman) from Huddersfield in the UK; and Yasi Perrera (Syrnx) from Richmond, CA; with DJ Jon Satrom in Chicago making us feel all right. 

An excellent matchup of voices some of which were previously unheard by me. Norman is a master of his field recordings and other manipulations and the duet here with Michael on the contrabass is really remarkable. Yasi Perrera was having technical trouble with his laptop and was unable to hear anyone else before we got started, and backstage he and Jorge were discussing the option of neither listening to one another at all. I cannot tell you what ended up transpiring, but it sounds like they are in the same room even if across a big freakin pond. A super pleasure for me to hear Jorge again, here on guitar and synths and voice, who left the Bay Area and the U.S. maybe 12 years ago, and really happy to have Yasi grace our presence with his particular approach to your inner core. DJ Jon Satrom makes all the right choices, keeps our feet moving and our brains off balance.

pre-show music (DJ Jon Satrom) 0:00:00 - 0:14:35
Norman Long <+> Michael Bullock 0:14:35 - 0:40:31
interlude 1 (DJ Jon Satrom) 0:40:31 - 0:58:16
Jorge Boehringer <+> Yasi Perrera 0:58:16 - 1:28:41
interlude 2 (DJ Jon Satrom) 1:28:41 - 1:45:19
PONIIA #13 4tet 1:45:19 - 2:08:31
post-show music (DJ Jon Satrom) 2:08:31 - 2:35:46

have a great week and don't forget about your triceps!

total running time 2hr35min


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