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Karla LaVey brings the muletime dread yet again for another installment of her BLACK X-MASS celebration. A really fun and dreary christmas-themed variety show great for the wee hours of christmas night with THE FAM when everyone's drunk and tired and the kids are all XBOXING their WEES into each other's IPOOD. Stick this on, it starts innocently enough with the Nutcracker Suite on Pipe Organ, but very soon you have strange sounds from a french film and before you know it Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS, and either you have a great family and the best of friends, or you drove everyone away and now you can finally settle into your post-holiday vein/fix.
ahhhh shucks....merry christmas.HO HO HO! NO NO NO! 1hr57min 108mb

Title: Nutcracker Suite on the Pipe Organ
Artist: ????

Title: Tam-Tams Cannibales / OST: Le Tresor Des Iles Chinnes
Artist: Messageros Killers Boys

Title: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas / Christmas Songs
Artist: The Three Stooges

Title: Auld Lang Sigh
Artist: Hydra… radio///GEORGE CREMASCHI 11.21.08

George Cremaschi formerly of West Oakland, CA, currently residing in the Czech Republic, but finding his way all over the world: Splitting the wood back in W.Oakland again for this fine set of electrons and space. Flexing time between the contrabass and the electronic world, this is a great balance of analog noisescapes, digital soundscapes, and acoustic woodscrapes, with a couple of stellar clarinet/contrabass duo recordings from Germany to round out the set. George has a nuanced attention span, or at least one that jives with my own rhythms. Highly recommended listen. Eat this title -- "No Kindness Went Unpunished: A Love Song". 1hr46min 96mb radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE #2 10.07.08

(btwn here and Andromeda Nebula)

with soldering bicarbonate wheal turbine audio cassette measuring devices, broadcast live on

..with host Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket.

A huge pile of cassettes, new and oldold: Check big chunk of pre-Sublime Frequencies Alan Bishop travelogue about midway in--also some really strange found tapes sputter this turdwick. Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten. 2hr4min 114mb

Title: Wonderful Summer
Artist: Robin Ward

Title: Fox on the Box - Village People
Artist: Cock E.S.P.

Title: Alien Moxy Mask
Artist: UBZUB

Title: Recorded January '07
Artist: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Title: Scat Credit Sports Caster
Artist: Ugly Dwarf

Title: ????
Artist: Cambodian Garage Music

Title: The Raider
Artist: Spine Scavenger

Title: The Walls Are Bleeding
Artist: Jarboe

Title: Tape 11
Artist: Voice of Pakistan

Title: Into the Blonde Kodak
Artist: Cancer Bunny

Title: Op.32 "When the Cerebellum Unfolds Its Wings"
Artist:… radio///SATANIC CHURCH RADIO 07.28.08

Another fist-fuckingly good time from Karla LaVey and her guest DJ Horas S.Guang Sheng. Lots of great great stuff to dive into. Toru Takemitsu, Ghoul, Chrome, BabyNOBurger? Check out Mina Mazzini's lips. i don't know about you, but i'm soiled. 2hr6min 116mb

Title: Dick Starr Takes You on the Best Trip of All - California Here I Come
Artist: Dick Starr

Title: Galle 1/6 fP * rs Splarge (rm)
Artist: Blango

Title: Water Music for Magnetic Tape
Artist: Toru Takemitsu

Title: Mutant Mutilator
Artist: Ghoul


Title: Para
Artist: JF Jenny Clark & WDR Big Band + Joachim Kuhn + Daniel Humair


Title: Bad Acid
Artist: Tusco Terror

Title: Purple Haze in GI JOE Bar
Artist: Vietnam Go-Go Dancer

Title: 29.04.1998 Yama Salon Ashiya Japan/METALIVE 1997+1998
Artist: Aube


Title: Sneak Preview of the Martin Jetpack
Artist: Martin Jetpack

Title: Brain on Scan
Artist: Chrome

Title: Life of Old/Insides Music Lesson 42
Artist: Ghostband-Skulls For Symphony

Title: Mustapha
Artist: The Quests (Singapore)

Titl… radio///KING RIFF 07.25.08

Ahhh King Riff. The sights, the smells, the wonders of it all. An excellent visit to his latest vunderspez in Chinatown! The entrance greets you with a painted RA hands-outreached beckoning you down below into the subterranean dwelling-studio-vomitorium. Mr. Eric Bauer, my longtime collaborator and friend, has been collecting strange and amazing studio gear for the past decade (some of it actually works!), and has now built himself a nice working vintage-style recording studio with control room (and puke piles). He has taken good advantage of this for the broadcast, as the control room is prepped for the first hour's performance--"POPEYE'D": a tape-music onslaught manipulated processed and mixed live during the full-hour of insanity. This is concrete of the best kind. Surprisingly "prolific" (as hans grusel called it the next day). After the first hour, everything devolves in a puke-breathed' fashion down around the corner into the live room an… radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE 07.09.08

(btwn here and Andromeda Nebula)

with soldering bicarbonate wheal turbine audio cassette measuring devices, broadcast live on

..with host Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket.

A huge pile of cassettes, new and oldold: try and love these track names: Stink Floyd, Balls Together; Pop top Vagina Pulloff Orchestra; Hog Maiden is Super Bad Smell. Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten. 2hr5min 116mb

Title: Dumpster Divebombing Lessons
Artist: Esperik Glare

Title: Pink Dress on Broadway
Artist: ???

Title: Foul
Artist: Aaron Dilloway

Title: Augur
Artist: Nux Vomica

Title: Pop top Vagina Pulloff Orchestra
Artist: Ultramundane

Title: Carny
Artist: Dinosaurs With Horns

Title: Meat Plug: Good Luck!
Artist: Deep Fried Radio Static

Title: Comcass
Artist: Lala Marie Gonzales

Title: Ghar Ho To Aisa (OST)
Artist: Bappi Lahiri

mixed with

Title: Stink Floyd, Balls Together
Artist: Roopy di Rupert(w/ Captain Oof)

Title: Like Spain. Silver Spots Boil
Artist: At Jenn… radio///JUNKDRAWER 05.16.08

first off, this woj can cook! let him stir up some veggies for you, he's got the culinary talent in spades. put this man on the cooking show. you know the one. with the angry brit head chef and a bunch of loser saps sweatin into pots and choppin fingers instead of chard. dam. ok, after the meal this woj puts together a real fine variety show + some live depression to lubricate your mouth pistol before the big shove. listen close for some real hidden gems in there--my highlight: the only known recording of Depeche Commode featuring DNA+Planetsize in duo. paniful. in fact this whole fucking set is painful. god dam. where's the party like the last woj? where's the laughs? ah ok...

"The last laugh is the long, long, long, last laugh." 107mb 1hr57min

Title: Snake Charmer Music from N. India
Artist: ????
Album: ????

Title: Shell of a Man
Artist: Wojciehowvicz
Album: live 05.16.08

Title: General Slugra
Artist: Unknown Comedian
Album: ????

Titl… radio///JAMES GOODE 05.06.08

A bit of tech info I must pass on for folks listening in to this performance-recording: First off, our soundcrack session this time is broadcast live from the 8-channel surround tinkertoy studio of mr. James Goode. It's a real treat to get to hear James mix his small electronics and physical object clank in surround, and in order to approximate this for the stereo broadcast, we decided to do a mix of live mics and direct mixer feed to achieve in depth what would be lacking in multiple channels of broadcast sound. I think the results are pretty stunning. Even more stunning is the fact that much (and in the case of the 2nd set--99%) of the sounds are created from small physical objects--sometimes manipulated digitally, but oftentimes you are hearing an actual physical object being manipulated with incredible non-DSP tools such as PHYSICS and GRAVITY and HANDS and MOUTH. You won't believe me, but check out the heavy synth noise sections in p2 ("last-o-cast") starti… radio///OOLIES 04.26.08

oolies is visiting knucklehead Mitchell Brown's vision of a patched-together electro-ethio-funk bread and jam. mitchell plays synthesizer and drums and is accompanied by Loachfillet on guitar and noises and jake rodriguez on bass and hajouj. hot fun in the sun--this is a cracked cranium's version of west oakland on a sunny saturday afternoon. preaching religion on the corner, and muni trains passing express under the bay. cream of the cropped by loach and jake to give you the best moments.

pardon my passing sausage. 69mb 50min radio///Thomas Dimuzio 04.23.08

A really beautiful longform performance here, looking out into the vast pacific ocean nothingness. Thomas Dimuzio's house sits high above the Sunset district in SF, with an amazing view out towards the other side of the world. Something strange about the seashore this evening as it provokes a bit of claustrophobia in a way i've never experienced before. Usually the ocean feels open and liberating to me, but tonight i get the sense that it's a blockade, a wall, or maybe even a facade--in any case, i feel a little trapped by the black nothing (it is evening, so there is no differentiation between sky, water, or shore. At some point, i see a huge light drop straight into the sea. probably a shooting star crossing the horizon downward--but it could also be a meteor crashing into the ocean 1000 miles out, with the killer tsunami to follow suit. we sit and watch a bright flickering light on the horizon for awhile, imagining that it's the hawaiian islands on fire in the… radio///Satanic Church Radio 04.07.08

Got a new headshell on my turntable that fixes all the vinyl problems!! Now gotta figure out why youtube won't cooperate. Karla LaVey and special guest Zarem Bunndel this time with the best SCR programme yet. John Barry/
Drobomatic/Fat Worm sequence is especially tasty. The final ugly from Ozma Dawn====. Butbutbut, the Bermudas doing Donny on 45 = favorite girl-band-tween-the-legs-stew i've heard in ages--just listen to the backing vocals. Dohhahhhahahhhnnny... 1hr58min 108mb

Title: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
Artist: Robert Edwards - Pipe Organ Favorites

Title: High Mayhem Festival 2003
Artist: ????

Title: Recalcitrants
Artist: Walter Carson

Title: I Need a Vacation
Artist: Jim Backus (aka Mr. Magoo)

Title: Live Enemy
Artist: Demons

Title: 100 Silk Buttons from the room upstairs (track 2)
Artist: Chris Dadge & Rachael Wadham

Title: Bruce is Back (OST)
Artist: John Barry

Title: Limes and Leather Escape Clubs
Artist: Drobomatic

mixed with

Title: The World of Man Vol. 1 - His Work
Artist: ????