radio/////PONIIA #27


This week we are blessed to add 2 new raucous troublemakers to our roster, Lyn Goeringer of Lansing, MI and Kristina Warren of Providence, RI. Together they knock out a raw and blistering noise duet as our first live set. They are followed up by Neural Goldberg, a new band (of old friends) consisting of Christopher Burns of Philadelphia, PA and PONIIA's own Jason Soliday of Chicago, IL. This home-spun duo (they practice weekly on the soundcrack server) has just released a flam-tastic new album <Flash Fouls> you should pick up right after listening to their record release performance right here. Truly excellent stuff from these gents. Finally, the full 4tet wastes no time in raising the stakes, the bar, the barn, the barnicles! A fine show held together by the excellent curative choices by Shimmering Trashpile from LA. A Fun and potent 3 hours await--timestamps below to relive what you love!

pre-show music (Shimmering Trashpile)   0:00:00 - 0:16:26 
Lyn Goeringer <+> Kristina Warren   0:16:26 - 0:44:21 
interlude 1 (Shimmering Trashpile)   0:44:21 - 1:02:52 
Neural Goldberg   1:02:52 - 1:29:06 
interlude 2 (Shimmering Trashpile)   1:29:06 - 1:49:40 
PONIIA #27 4tet   1:49:40 - 2:23:20 
post-show music (Shimmering Trashpile)   2:23:20 - 3:05:18 

have a great week! The dark hits its peak just before the light begins to emerge.

total running time 3hr05min


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