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In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officers Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng, and Tou Thao we present this week's PONIIA as a benefit to protests and actions against the Minneapolis police and throughout the United States. Did I say "united" states? Well, shit the people ARE united against police brutality and the systemically racist system that allows these atrocities to occur over and over again. We are witnessing protests all around the world right now and that feels like the only thing that's right lately and needs to keep happening to radically change this system. If you are enjoying this music, please consider a donation to these organizations or similar BLACK LIVES MATTER adjacent organizations.

Reclaim the Block

Black Visions Collective

North Star Health Collective

Nationwide Bail Funds

Ok, a little about this week's performers: David Coulter is a saw and noises player and was a member of the Pogues, has played with Tom Waits and Test Dept and many many others and it was a total joy and honor to have him on the program. His duo with Akosuen is utterly fantastic to kick the show off. Akosuen, also known as Billie Howard, from Chicago, plays violin with maybe a looper and a Juno-60--she's got a perfect scratchy scraw in her step. When listening, in general, David is the wet sound, and Billie is the dry. Comes together beautifully. Carol Genetti is one of my new favorite noise vocalists. I had not heard her before this and she floored me. Tom Djll somehow transmangled his trumpet several years ago into a modular synth and expect to hear some of both here--but mostly synth. He gargles and gurgles with the best of them and in this 4tet he is playing with the best of them. Really top notch performances matched by supremely well-chosen interlude music by our fave, DJ LUCY. 

pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:16:56
David Coulter <+> Akosuen 0:16:56 - 0:45:38
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:45:38 - 0:59:15
Carol Genetti <+> Tom Djll 0:59:15 - 1:29:35
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:29:35 - 1:43:56
PONIIA 4tet 1:43:56 - 2:18:13
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 2:18:13 - 2:47:00

stay safe and make sure your voice is heard!

total running time 2hr47min


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