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PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #27 This week we are blessed to add 2 new raucous troublemakers to our roster, Lyn Goeringer of Lansing, MI and Kristina Warren of Providence, RI. Together they knock out a raw and blistering noise duet as our first live set. They are followed up by Neural Goldberg, a new band (of old friends) consisting of Christopher Burns  of Philadelphia, PA and PONIIA's own Jason Soliday of Chicago, IL. This home-spun duo (they practice weekly on the soundcrack server) has just released a flam-tastic new album < Flash Fouls > you should pick up right after listening to their record release performance right here. Truly excellent stuff from these gents. Finally, the full 4tet wastes no time in raising the stakes, the bar, the barn, the barnicles! A fine show held together by the excellent curative choices by Shimmering Trashpile from LA. A Fun and potent 3 hours await--timestamps below to relive what you love! pre-show music (Shimmering Trashpile) radio/////PONIIA #26

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #26 Longtime Bay Area faves Fuzzybunny join us this week. Fuzzybunny features Chris Brown , Tim Perkis , and Scot Gresham-Lancaster , 3 original members of The Hub who basically invented playing over a network back in 1987. Original Non-Isolationites, as it were. They play 2 group sets, and in between, the 3 members each dip into some solo action. Loads of fun interlaced with our fave interluder, DJ LUCY. As always, check the timestamps below to find yr g-spot. pre-show music (DJ LUCY)   0:00:00 - 0:14:17  Fuzzybunny Set 1     0:14:17 - 0:39:46  interlude 1 (DJ LUCY)   0:39:46 - 0:54:12  Tim Perkis   0:54:12 - 1:03:32  Chris Brown   1:03:32 - 1:19:22  Scot Gresham-Lancaster   1:19:22 - 1:32:19  interlude 2 (DJ LUCY)   1:32:19 - 1:53:08  Fuzzybunny Set 2   1:53:08 - 2:11:26  post-show music (DJ LUCY)   2:11:26 - 2:42:13  have a great week!  HOT RODNEY'S BAR AND GRILL COMING SOON total running time 2hr42min radio/////PONIIA #25

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #25 Big fans of Halloween/Horror/Dia de los Muertos here at soundcrack, and with that in mind we present to you this week, 4 hours of nonstop terror. Brought to you by our lovely rotten guests including DJ Transient who packs a seriously fun variety pickaxe serving up our live acts on a platter. We start with Loachfillet 's Cosmic Kite Memorial, performed from Oakland, CA. Loach finishes his set up by premiering a new cumbia macabre from Ritmos Tropicosmos "La Mujer del Agua". We follow up with Marlo Eggplant (Baltimore, MD) in duet with Eva Aguila (Los Angeles, CA). Next we have Venison Whirled (Austin, TX) and VIKI (Chicago, IL). And finally, Anvil Encephalopathy performs "To a Bloody Fucking Pulp", a conducted horror score featuring Danishta Rivero (vox), Carl French (bass), Tyler Harwood (drums), Zachary James Watkins (guitar), Jason Stamberger (keys), Carrie Barclay (bassoon), Angie Edwards (soundscape), David Lim radio/////PONIIA #24

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #24 We've been on an extended break, but return this week with an impossible lineup including an incredible percussion duo consisting of the Bay Area's  Jacob Felix Heule  and  Reid Karris  from Chicago, followed by the premiere of Bay Area duo Bottled Water featuring  Shatter Pattern  and  Syrinx . The 4tet finds Shatter Pattern fronting 3 percussionists -- they are the EYE in this Boredoms cover band. Spicy-hot spins all around with DJ Fanciulla Gentile . Get them odd time signatures carved into yr forehead and dance. pre-show music (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 0:00:00 - 0:17:15  Jacob Felix Heule <+> Reid Karris   0:17:15 - 0:45:21  interlude 1 (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 0:45:21 - 1:04:23  Bottled Water: Shatter Pattern <+> Syrinx 1:04:23 - 1:32:30  interlude 2 (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 1:32:30 - 1:54:27  PONIIA #24 4tet 1:54:27 - 2:20:12  post-show music (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 2:20:12 - 2:56:14  have a great week and  go vote your ass off radio/////PONIIA #23

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #23 This week we have an incredible lineup with the Bay Area duo Felidae featuring Beast Nest and The Creatrix , followed by returning PONNIARDs  Sharkiface  and  Raven Chacon . This is a sultry hot stew with aperitif provided by DJ Headboggle  - gorgeous, raw, and truly experimental. Enjoy. pre-show music (DJ Headboggle) 0:00:00 - 0:14:40 Felidae: Beast Nest <+> The Creatrix   0:14:40 - 0:49:36 interlude 1 (DJ Headboggle) 0:49:36 - 0:57:11 Sharkiface <+> Raven Chacon 0:57:11 - 1:29:12 interlude 2 (DJ Headboggle) 1:29:12 - 1:38:45 PONIIA #23 4tet 1:38:45 - 2:00:34 post-show music (DJ Headboggle) 2:00:34 - 2:40:59 have a great week and check in on yr caterpillar pals! total running time 2hr41min radio/////PONIIA #22

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #22 We have a real Chicago PONIIA smørgåsbord this week with Ryan ⊥ Dunn + j.soliday , and Solt , which is comprised of Neil Jendon , Mike Hartman , and Paul Giallorenzo . Dunn+Soliday start the evening off with a smashy-smash fantastic etch-a-stretch-and-scratch yr noises set. Solt follows next with a very nice alien pulse and some kinda haunted closet groove. And the final 5tet is a masterful blend of these different approaches.  Our fave DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires puts us all in the right space to go watch your new favorite giallo (Paul helps a bit too!). pre-show music (DJ Fly-Faced) 0:00:00 - 0:14:21 Ryan ⊥ Dunn <+> J.Soliday  0:14:21 - 0:49:32 interlude 1 (DJ Fly-Faced) 0:49:32 - 1:00:26 Solt (Neil Jendon <+> Mike Hartman <+> Paul Giallorenzo) 1:00:26 - 1:32:21 interlude 2 (DJ Fly-Faced) 1:32:21 - 1:44:27 PONIIA #22 5tet 1:44:27 - 2:13:43 post-show music (DJ Fly-Faced) 2:13:43 - 2:33:39 have radio/////PONIIA #21

PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #21 2 heavy-hitter bands from the Midwest, or as Soliday put it, "the best of the Midwest". Whisker from Chicago, IL and Moth Cock from Kent, OH. Whisker is made up of Ben Billington and Andrew Scott Young . Moth Cock is Doug Gent and Pat Modugno .  Two incredibly intense sets and then an unbelievable 4tet combining both bands. DJ LUCY is as close to a PONIIA house DJ as we get, and she delivers tonight with a lot of upbeat quirky tunes to offset the dread. One of the strongest PONIIA's to date for sure. Get ready. pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:16:30 Whisker 0:16:30 - 0:47:57 interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:47:57 - 1:00:43 Moth Cock 1:00:43 - 1:27:59 interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:27:59 - 1:42:50 Whisker + Moth Cock 1:42:50 - 2:14:29 post-show music (DJ LUCY) 2:14:29 - 2:42:16 have a great week and enjoy the fresh air if you got some! total running time 2hr42min