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A slightly late start (~20 minutes), but things get off slamming with Metalux. Lucy Antler (plays the forgotten hits of Edvard Zoog) puts on a fun show to be sure, and a special treat for those who listen all the way through, courtesy of our friends at Resipiscent. Meat! 126mb/2hr17min Title: Fastblood Artist: Metalux Album: Waiting For Armadillo Title: Guayaba Artist: Yasuji Album: Les Plantes Title: Hamburger Lady Artist: Throbbing Gristle Album: D.o.A. The Third and Final Rep Title: Little Fiddle Artist: Porest Album: Tourrorists! Title: Eorporpita Artist: Chennai Insititute of Cultural Paleontology Album: Music of the Vendian Period Title: Rouleau Le Roy Artist: Pod Blotz Album: The Swamp Command Title: Sun-Earth Rock Artist: Sun Ra Album: Night of the Purple Moon Title: Wo Sind Sie Artist: Die Partei Album: La Freiheit Des Geistes Title: Fungus Cerebri Artist: Esplendor Geometrico Album: 80´s Traks Title: Even Pr radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE #4 04.06.09

(fighting SRG Magnetar) Magnetars exist to ruin most of our lives. They run around like stupid fucking babies splashing gamma radiation by the trillions of tons exposing everything to their random neutron star destroying idiocy. Our stomach parasites are at risk. This must be stopped immediately. The most insolent star pulling this fracas is SGR 0526-66. It runs around like a yellow white bubble skateboard destroying precious things like a thousand pentagram horned rhino at an outdoor gynecological crowd awareness demonstration. The Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy has suffered the most, but they say the magnetic wave of death is simply a gesture from Bhrojjhe who strips his war flower for the sake of his fouling battery. The Cloud's inhabitants shrug as gamma entropy pudding tombs what would be a semi productive galaxy. Join Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Roulette Socket for a wheal turbine fight of our lives from somewhere near Cassiopeia. Useless and hard unrecyclable plastic wi radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE #3 01.19.09

(btwn here and Andromeda Nebula) With soldering bicarbonate wheal turbine audio cassette measuring devices, the death spiral that is the Andromeda buzztar saw will be a sorry spectacle for a short while. We will push and buff the bastard in an opposite direction for a few hours. You can tune in to our use of cassettes and other plastic garbage in the "good fight" against the "chained maiden". Eventually we will be eaten by this turning leviathan of destructive suns, but we will sally forth and do our share of pushing and squatting the bastard back as long as quemanly possible. Donated thoughtblud and hackbrood signals greatly appreciated. ..with host Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket. Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten. 1hr59min 109mb Title: S.F.T.D. Artist: Carl A. Title: Carry-On Falling Artist: Albert W. Sappsford with Title: 1996 Recording Artist: The Beast People Title: Goofus Artist: Charles Angle radio///NVH + Computer Truck 01.14.09

The first soundcrack of '09 turned out to be a boozey-doozey. a small crowd gathered to witness the event at the bauermansion in Chinatown. King Riff provides the entertainment before between and after. If you're gunning for the meat--tune in around the 24-minute mark in to hear Noel Von Harmonson's crushing twist. a nice meat plow for the new year, i must say. around the 66-minute mark starts Computer Truck's bouncy eyepoke joined with special pantless guest K9D. fun fun and more fun. join the party from the past if you will. on the left side on the right side on the left side... 1hr58min 109mb