radio/////PONIIA #7


It's no secret I stan Headboggle, but this week's pairing of the heady one (still stationed in the Tenderloin/SF) with Michael Sugarman, aka Sug (finishing some degree in Cambridge, MA) is the brainchild of Soliday who has been clamoring for this duo from the beginning. It does not disappoint. They squeeze together like a couple of hairy fleshballs healing and melting into one another. Headboggle exits the set prematurely with an internet disconnect which is the live streamer's version of the noise table dump. Alexandra Buschman/Demonsleeper (Oakland, CA), one half of the brujería rhythm and noise duo Las Sucias, and one of my favorite vocalist-noisers around, requested a duo with her pal Rafael Vargas-Bernard, aka Calnepuelco, who is currently in Miami, FL. They deliver a harsh-strong wall of vocal-synth noise. Maybe the purest noise set we've had in this series. Intense and earth-quaking. The 4tet, slow to start, ends up making an odd pairing into something rather spectacular. The demented musical shape of the final 3rd of their set finally comes into focus and you don't wanna stare. MUKQS rejoins us as DJ this week and glues the whole evening together with shattered glass. 

pre-show music (DJ MUKQS) 0:00:00 - 0:17:53
Headboggle <+> Sug 0:17:53 - 0:46:33
interlude 1 (DJ MUKQS) 0:46:33 - 1:03:08
Demonsleeper <+> Calnepuelco 1:03:08 - 1:30:18
interlude 2 (DJ MUKQS) 1:30:18 - 1:40:46
PONIIA 4tet 1:40:46 - 2:07:01
post-show music (DJ MUKQS) 2:07:01 - 2:23:34

stay safe and don't forget to rake yr leaves!

total running time 2hr23min


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