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Ava Mendoza and bran(...)pos crack open 2018 with ye olde jam & chat. Since moving away from the Bay Area to NYC around 5 years ago, Ava has been busier than ever. She brings us some soon-to-be released new Unnatural Ways material to gronk over. (Their new stuff reminds me of really great late 80s SST jazzy prog-punk with a lyrical obsession on aliens (feeling alien?)). We go into full duophony guitar/synth/vox mode with a couple of super-fun noise improvs. (Every time I play duo noise with Ava, I find myself leaning towards rhythms, I think largely because I like to hear how many fucking notes she can cram in between pulses.) Somewhere in the middle we share a pretentious (but tasty) dry white wine while chatting about what she's been up to and what's been up my butt.A great catch-up with an amazing pal and musical partner.
Ultimately brown. 256mb 1hr44min
Tinfoil Hats - Unnatural Ways (unreleased)
{break} 0:10:10
am/bp live set 1
{break} 0:36:11
Flying Saucer Family - Unnatural…