radio/////PONIIA #19


Another "ensemble" night where we diverge from our usual format of 4 improvisers split into 2 duos and then a 4tet. Well, we do have 2 exquisite duos this week with Akosuen <+> Cinchel (both from Chicago), followed by Pamela Z <+> Wobbly (both from San Francisco), but our 3rd act is an 11-person ensemble conducted by Moe Staiano on Zoom. Our previous attempt at bringing folks together on Zoom for 0th's Scream Opera turned into a predictably fun but completely chaotic mess of Zoom artifacts and feedback (not unlike my 4 year-old's first Kindergarten Spanish class this morning). This time, we tried to prepare the Zoom meeting for better audio, and our musicians were more prepared, and I think the results are pretty fantastic. Bravo to Moe and his group for really bringing it. Akosuen and Cinchel blend their respective strings and keys into a gorgeous floaty dreamworld with edges. Pamela Z brings her chopped OP(era) to dance with Wobbly's sinewy electronics and you get some sort of new alien genre that all the kids are hip to on Kepler-443b. Speaking of Zoom, Wobbles and Pamela use Zoom in the background as a sort of aux send so that Wobbly can track Pamela's pitch in realtime. Crazy tech but it completely works. Our whole evening is framed by one of my favorite DJs in the land, Professor Cantaloupe from LA. Cantaloupe has a wry sense of humor and a deep well of appreciation for a vast genre of strange sounds and musics and we love the choices he brings to this program. The outro is an extended Cantaloupe afterparty, so after Moe's group plays, stick around for nearly an hour of the Professor's A-list.

Moe Staiano Conducts features Melne Murphy, Drew Wheeler, Robin Hiroko Walsh, Karl Evangelista, Josh Pollock, Lisa Mezzacappa, David Slusser, Tom Weeks, Joshua Marshall, Bruce Ackley, and Mark Clifford.

During the live presentation of this show, we collected donations for 50 Miles More, a youth-led radical black feminist group in Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee Freedom Fund which is collecting bailfunds for protestors in Kenosha, WI. If you are enjoying this program, I highly recommend checking out these 2 funds/orgs and giving them a few dollars, and/or support another worthy Black Lives Matter adjacent organization.

pre-show music (Professor Cantaloupe) 0:00:00 - 0:19:56
Cinchel <+> Akosuen 0:19:56 - 0:51:11
interlude 1 (Professor Cantaloupe) 0:51:11 - 1:07:47
Pamela Z <+> Wobbly 1:07:47 - 1:38:12
interlude 2 (Professor Cantaloupe) 1:38:12 - 1:54:08
Moe Staiano Conducts 1:54:08 - 2:25:55
post-show music (Professor Cantaloupe) 2:25:55 - 3:20:04

have a great week and find time to laugh!

total running time 3hr20min


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