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guest dj tag team Karla LaVey and Andares Sieg Treasabourge
Satanic Church Radio

*********first Satanic Church Radio on Soundcrack==a few technical bumps, but otherwise a pretty solid show -- good mix of noise, funtimes, and the occasional live mic. more to come in the future. Heel, Satan! 2hrs 113mb

Title: Egyptian Jazz
Artist: Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Variations on Death Loop Cut
Artist: Aaron Dilloway + Roger Stella
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: My Sugar
Artist: Fats Waller
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Andaz
Artist: Shankar Jaikishan
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Sound Effects for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Artist: November 2019
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: ???
Artist: Dead Husbands
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Freakout Jambouree
Artist: If-If
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: 2 Sillhouettes
Artist: Michel Magme
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: A93ue & V36rl
Artist: Eraritjaritjaka
Album: Satanic Church Radio radio///Whis-khee Berber 06.07.07

Music collected during our visit to Morocco August/September '06. Here’s 2+ hours of Moroccan and Arabic music culled from radio recordings, bootleg CDs & VCDs, and live performances/field recordings. Quality ranges from excellent studio CD rips to barely listen-able AM radio broadcast. Light yourself on fire and jump into the middle of psychedelic Moroccan wedding dance, Berber folk from Agadir, Gnawa and other trance-enduction from southern Morocco, Classic Arabic radio, drummers in Ait-Benhaddou, raging cacophony in Jama' al-Fna, and more. Have more info on this music? I don't!! In particular, let me know if you recognize some of the GREAT classic Arabic tunes--I can only assume some/all of these are Lebanese or Egyptian as they are mostly pulled from AM radio during sleepless nights in Marrakech. Our 19-year-old desert guide told me “There is no Berber people. Only Arabic.” So maybe this is all Arabic music. Or African. Or, more specifically, North African. …