Showing posts from 2007 radio///Satanic Church Radio 12.17.07

Soundcrack is back after a 2-month break due to work constraints and the Satanic Church Radio (our most frequent and gracious guests) return us to form with another fine medley of worm-bait meets charm&schmaltz. Karla LaVey and special guest Leandra Kastoza offer a rotten eggnog chaser for the hell-o-day blues. The great orchestral catastrophe by Vinko Globokar starts us off before launching into the heavy-cookie onslaught of Sanctifier, and, well--surprises are in store. That's your name on the gravestone, scrooge. bah... 1hr59min 109mb

Title: Oblak Seman
Artist: Vinko Globokar

Title: Chutulu Master of R'yleh
Artist: Sanctifier

Title: Rare/Unreleased
Artist: Earfuck

Title: Drei Stucke aus der "Lyrischen Suite"
Artist: Alban Berg

Title: Track 06
Artist: Eraritjaritjaka

Title: Let's Fall in Love
Artist: Cascading Voices of the Hugo & Luigi Chorus

Title: Acid Bath Drip Bones
Artist: Pain Jerk

Title: 20/20 Vision
Artist: Jimmy Martin and the Osbourne Brothers

Title: unti… radio///Satanic Church Radio 10.22.07

Karla LaVey and special guest Kruspa Bayal from Romania offer a tricky treater with spooks in the form of long shots of deep-voiced conversation down echoey corridors in bed with Ethel Smith. Some fine choices off the 50 BPM or Less Vol.3 comp and a great spin by Carlsberg. hold still while we fill your jack-o-lantern with pus. 2hr03min 113mb

Title: Video
Artist: Planeta Storm

Title: Born Again To Die
Artist: Sick Llama

Title: ????
Artist: Superogala 78s #1

Title: Why
Artist: Hammond on Velvet Strings

Title: Video
Artist: Planeta Storm

Title: The Free Ride/Coma (OST)
Artist: Jerry Goldsmith

Title: Induction Cuts
Artist: darwinsbitch

Title: When Women Have Tales
Artist: Ennio Morricone

Title: Ikarie XB1
Artist: Film Soundtrack

Title: The Breeze and I
Artist: Ethel Smith

Title: Ikarie XB1
Artist: Film Soundtrack

Title: 50 BPM Or Less Volume 3
Artist: Xdugef

Title: Kurzfilm Eineriei
Artist: Film Soundtrack

mixed with

Title: Carlsberg
Artist: Carlsberg

Title: 50 BPM Or Less Volume 3
Artist: Rasmussen

Title: After … radio///Satanic Church Radio 09.24.07

Karla LaVey and guest DJ Gareth Ikemuntz flush the cosmos with tape head cleaner and call it a day. Continuing in the tradition of contra-exposed fingertip musicalities with noises or (in this case) ridiculous religious rantings and retard porn (same thing!) o, the sicko in the brain must must increase his bust. 2hr01min 111mb

Title: Ghostly Sounds
Artist: v/a

Title: Pink Panther Theme
Artist: Stu Boyer

Title: JR Train to Akihabara
Artist: ??

Title: Part 3
Artist: Wizard Prison

Title: Novcic
Artist: Ivo Robic

Title: D of P Audio Bastard
Artist: Cranial Incisore

Title: ??
Artist: the Domestic Front

mixed with

Title: Russian Exorcism
Artist: ??

Title: Odessa Discovery
Artist: The Odessa File (OST)

Title: s/t
Artist: Kites

Title: I'm Just a Guitar and Everyone Picks on Me
Artist: Pipe Organ & Percussion

Title: A Release
Artist: Klowd

Title: Wabash Blues
Artist: Jack Loren

mixed with Our Lady of the Roses

Title: Oramics
Artist: Daphne Oram

Title: Patricia
Artist: Perez Prado

Title: Oramics
Artist: Daphne Oram

Titl… radio///JUNKDRAWER 09.07.07

I actually arrive early to Josh's place on Treat Street (a soundcrack first!). He has his noisemakers/sources all patched into planetsize's crusty old smoke-damaged mixer. Cables are crappy, adapters i've never even seen before barely making the necessary electrical connections. but josh is otherwise distracted and in a mad dash making an amazing spicy thai dinner for us. starting with a crazy green papaya salad - crunchy delicious and hot as hell and followed up with a super yummy creamy red veggie curry. made with spices josh brought back from his recent trip to SE Asia. I'm in hot mouth yum territory when we get ready for the broadcast. Junkdrawer plays live twice in this set: starting off with a buildup of drone-delay and trumpet flurries for the first 10 minutes of the set, and then again a more certain version with a trio of electric shavers running through a harmonizer starting at 1 hour 15 minutes in. His trumpet playing really impresses and he states … radio///DJ DOORKEY 09.03.07

Doorki variety show #2. Big fun. Loud rooftop broadcast with a snacks rap. Can’t beat that with a shiny metal bat. 1hr36min 88mb

Title: Track10
Artist: Occasional Detroit
Album: Down South E.P.

Title: Track11
Artist: Occasional Detroit
Album: Down South E.P.

Title: palindrome #3
Artist: Skozey Fetisch
Album: A Sudden Density

Title: palindrome #2
Artist: Skozey Fetisch
Album: A Sudden Density

Title: his mechanical skirt #1 - bras
Artist: Skozey Fetisch
Album: A Sudden Density

Title: Ferroplasma Acidarmanus Make in Heaven
Artist: Rubber O Cement
Album: Kaiser Langerhan's Hysterical Cytosine

Title: The Diploid Human Genome Thump
Artist: Rubber O Cement
Album: Kaiser Langerhan's Hysterical Cytosine

Title: Thorax-wacht - Thorax-Wacht (BEST) 08
Artist: Thorax-wacht

Title: Fastblood
Artist: Metalux
Album: Waiting For Armadillo

Title: HeiBes Eisen
Artist: Hematic Sunsets
Album: Zu Gast Im Aroma Club

Title: Abhuster Nebulizer
Artist: Asmus Tietchens
Album: Litia

Title: Track 05
Artist: Jean Street
Album: S/T

Tit… radio///Satanic Church Radio 08.27.07

Karla and guest DJ Mikako Kintaro bring the suffering this time with some really excellent far-fetched mixes. My personal favs are the Barry Lipman/Broken Penis Orchestra and the Sir Julian/Godzilla SFX sandwicheroos. Some duck love, the new Sun City Girls LP, and choice organ hits courtesy of the tube of you (fucking Ethel Smith!) round out the show. stop reading ya bums! LISTEN NOW. 1hr57min 106mb

Title: Make Them Suffer
Artist: Animal Writes
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: In America
Artist: Bonnie Brooks
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: On the Border of Zaire
Artist: Aluar Horns
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Daddy O Stranglen
Artist: Slicing Grandpa
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Orphamphonics 1
Artist: Daphne Orpham
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Lady in a Cage (OST)
Artist: Phil Glass
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Middle Eastern 78 Collection
Artist: Scott Colburn
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: The Squid
Artist: Aaron Dilloway & Spencer Yeh
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Tit… radio///DJ DOORKEY 07.05.07

doorkey leads us outside and up to a typically chilly san francisco rooftop summer evening. the fog rolling in from behind and encircling us like wolves with remnants of post-july4 fireworks detritus periodically launching into view proves to be the perfect setting for this very engaging well-paced variety-musique set. the first outdoor soundcrack broadcast! went mostly without a technical hitch. got a 15 min late start due to figuring, but made up for it at the butt end which convulsively diarreahs out a stream of corn-laced liquid gold in the form of strung-together samples from the resipiscent catalog. did i mention the moon rises blood red during this?? what a night. 132mb 2hr23min

==rooftwop entro==

Duggie Ward - Welcome To My Mind
Agata - Spike - Bone Puzzle
Emil Richards - Sardonyx (August) hal blaine w emil richards
The Machine Gun TV - About Her
Mephista – Beloukia
Loachfillet - Porum Landing
Los Negritos - Es Hora De Bailar
Igor Wakevitch - Hathor
The Golden Barrel Organ - Track … radio///Satanic Church Radio 07.02.07

another great show from Karla and her guest...great new ettrick, z'ev, some james twig harper i've never heard, and bollywood rarities hand-picked and streamed right from youtube into this stream into your brain into my brain...pick my brain. up. off the floor. 2hrs 110mb

Title: Rectums Merging
Artist: At Jennie Richie
Album: Satanic Church Radio


Title: Parking Lots Beyond Tomato
Artist: Points of Friction
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: MTM106 - 646/8
Artist: Thai 7"
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Boots
Artist: Mrs. Miller
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Where Was You
Artist: Z'ev
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Astro Twin
Artist: Utah Kawasaki
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Ruby Baby
Artist: Dion
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Glorious Rise of Lord Zorkhus
Artist: Dog
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Eagle's Nest On Fire
Artist: Slicing Grandpa
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Concerto Grosso #1
Artist: Alfred Schnittke
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Artist&… radio///Satanic Church Radio 06.11.07

guest dj tag team Karla LaVey and Andares Sieg Treasabourge
Satanic Church Radio

*********first Satanic Church Radio on Soundcrack==a few technical bumps, but otherwise a pretty solid show -- good mix of noise, funtimes, and the occasional live mic. more to come in the future. Heel, Satan! 2hrs 113mb

Title: Egyptian Jazz
Artist: Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Variations on Death Loop Cut
Artist: Aaron Dilloway + Roger Stella
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: My Sugar
Artist: Fats Waller
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Andaz
Artist: Shankar Jaikishan
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Sound Effects for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Artist: November 2019
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: ???
Artist: Dead Husbands
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: Freakout Jambouree
Artist: If-If
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: 2 Sillhouettes
Artist: Michel Magme
Album: Satanic Church Radio

Title: A93ue & V36rl
Artist: Eraritjaritjaka
Album: Satanic Church Radio radio///Whis-khee Berber 06.07.07

Music collected during our visit to Morocco August/September '06. Here’s 2+ hours of Moroccan and Arabic music culled from radio recordings, bootleg CDs & VCDs, and live performances/field recordings. Quality ranges from excellent studio CD rips to barely listen-able AM radio broadcast. Light yourself on fire and jump into the middle of psychedelic Moroccan wedding dance, Berber folk from Agadir, Gnawa and other trance-enduction from southern Morocco, Classic Arabic radio, drummers in Ait-Benhaddou, raging cacophony in Jama' al-Fna, and more. Have more info on this music? I don't!! In particular, let me know if you recognize some of the GREAT classic Arabic tunes--I can only assume some/all of these are Lebanese or Egyptian as they are mostly pulled from AM radio during sleepless nights in Marrakech. Our 19-year-old desert guide told me “There is no Berber people. Only Arabic.” So maybe this is all Arabic music. Or African. Or, more specifically, North African. … radio///Anti-Ear 04.05.07

Yah. The machines do not lie. Many-many-a-patch-cord-and-blinking-led-running-the-spectrum-of-color-and-sound-with-finer-resolution-than-puff-clouds-in-a-blue-sky-later I feel a lucky man to sit in the dimly light room warmed by cocktails and pharmaceuticals whilst the analog robot army marches forward to reign supreme upon my brain. The Anti-Ear coaxes his machines along skewered paths to begin the set, blending his warm drone style with the last vestige of your drained colon sputtering to its final locale. Then a 20-minute sleight-of-hand-picked classics while he disassembles his entire patch and creates something completely fresh and unplanned for set#2, which begins with a beautifully strange percussion and vocal procession before launching into a familiar and very focussed draw on both digital and analog synth movements--it seems he has saved the best for last! It's a short but very sweet second set that leads into a well-picked collection of obscure Brown Whorenet and o… radio///Porest 04.01.07

An April 1st treatise: The day began with half my household's clocks leaping ahead an hour as I guess today was the original Daylight Savings before the big Busheroo energy-saver. Frankly--one of these a year is enough for me, but alas, I was fooled once again and had a hard time figuring out what time it was for the first hour of my awake. Things got sorted out and I made my way to Mr. Gergis' apartment in West Oakland. Mark lives directly across from the BART line, so you can grapple-hitch a ride from the 1st story window under the transbay tube into SF. Convenient. When I arrive at his abode, Mark has his Porest setup all ready to go, with 2 microphones, cd players, ipod, a laptop, a mixer, some prepared text, coffee, cigs, etc. For AprilFool Day, I replaced the standard intro file with the theme song to WKRP in Cincinatti, and then the outro loop to a really long, 4-verse version of the theme song to WKRP in Cincinatti (wanna know the real backstory to… radio///Sharkiface 03.13.07

A night of Wine and Tamales (and more wine and beer and liquor and bean burritos.oh dear.) The Sharkilady set up drone machines and sparkle drifters which she casually lays into and out of while mixing in music from Bran(...)tism, Replicock, Pigs in the Ground, Tarantism, Loachfillet, Stin-G Cash, The Dicks, Culturcide, Scratch Acid, as well as several unreleased Sharki recordings. The Tarantism cover of Margaritaville is pure retarded joy and Stin-G's Cash-in-a-box is a square meal of nose drippings to feast on. Occasionally, the insane yammering of a flock of peagulls joins the bin, and ms. Yoshimi steals the show with a yowling lead vocal onslaught while a gaggle of dopey humans provide backup trio. The show moves sharply down your brow starting high and ending way way low. huge fun. 2hr2min. 112mb radio///Core of the Coalman 03.11.07

whuh. what a day. waking to THE HEADACHE is quite familiar at this 33=year=old point in life but still my least favorite way of starting a day. combined with the loss of an hour today, it all added up to a funky/late start to my heading off to mr. boehringer's home/studio palace. CORE OF THE COALMAN/jorge lives in a strange old live/work loft converted from what looks to be some sort of churchslashshippingwarehouse. his room is scattered with instruments and sound makers/modifiers both acoustic and electronic. jorge had told me his place is "special" and has a unique sound, so we decided to send a mix of room mics and direct signal to capture the room with the performance. this gives the broadcast a really airy but potent sound--quite exciting! was hoping jorge would catapult me out of (self-made) misery and was not in the least bit disappointed. he is one of the most eclectic musicians i know and quite prolific in his ideas, and thus has no problem filling 2 ho… radio///Loachfillet 03.04.07

Loach sent us to echoplexhell and beyond on this warm sunny sundee of an afternoon. This is a great focussed set from start to finish with a perfect mixture of signature Count Loach selections with his hands-on apploach to never entirely letting the vinyl/tape/digitals do their own thing. "live set" sections begin around 40 minutes in and again at around 1:55 in with special guest Lopey Snapes, but the whole thing crawls from start to finish like a giant metallic snapping turtle happily descending upon PARTY BEACH ISLAND. 2hr15min 124mb. Enjoy your last mohito.

playlist in order:

Title: Gulbin Cone
Artist: Anablebs Peccabus S'pherics Ensemble
Album: Synchopation / Nauseous Jukebox (live)

Title: The Falsies in Brassieres
Artist: Joel Cowan
Album: Songs Heard Through a Keyhole / Nauseous Jukebox (live)

Title: Incidences / RĂ©sonances
Artist: Bernard Parmegiana
Album: De Natura Sonorum / Nauseous Jukebox (live)

Title: Hully Gully
Artist: Unknown from Beirut
Album: Unknown … radio///FACE 02.25.07

a fun day with beautiful music tea chocolate and gum. first actual 'roaming' show. had a few technical snags resulting in FACE's first 2 1/4 songs being wildly un-mixed. but that gets under control and the whole rest sounds quite randy. (plus, i must admit the accidently overdriven guitar in the 2nd song sounds GREAT to me). all music selections by FACE. live FACE starts around 34 minutes in. 1hr.50min. ~100mb. no rain. enjoy.

Playlist in order:

Title: Gambling Boat
Artist: Shirley Q. Liquor

Title: John The Revelator
Artist: Son House
Album: Delta Blues and Spirituals

Title: Black Rat Swing
Artist: Memphis Minnie
Album: The Hound - July 25, 1992

Title: Watcha Gonna Do?
Artist: Lucille Bogan
Album: The Best Of Lucille Bogan

Title: Dark In My Heart
Artist: Lee Hazlewood

Title: Since I Laid My Burden Down
Artist: The Elders McIntorsh and Edwards' Sanctified Singers
Album: Anthology Of American Folk Music (Disc 4)

Title: Sixteen Tons
Artist: Paul Robe…