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Yah. The machines do not lie. Many-many-a-patch-cord-and-blinking-led-running-the-spectrum-of-color-and-sound-with-finer-resolution-than-puff-clouds-in-a-blue-sky-later I feel a lucky man to sit in the dimly light room warmed by cocktails and pharmaceuticals whilst the analog robot army marches forward to reign supreme upon my brain. The Anti-Ear coaxes his machines along skewered paths to begin the set, blending his warm drone style with the last vestige of your drained colon sputtering to its final locale. Then a 20-minute sleight-of-hand-picked classics while he disassembles his entire patch and creates something completely fresh and unplanned for set#2, which begins with a beautifully strange percussion and vocal procession before launching into a familiar and very focussed draw on both digital and analog synth movements--it seems he has saved the best for last! It's a short but very sweet second set that leads into a well-picked collection of obscure Brown Whorenet and ot radio///Porest 04.01.07

An April 1st treatise: The day began with half my household's clocks leaping ahead an hour as I guess today was the original Daylight Savings before the big Busheroo energy-saver. Frankly--one of these a year is enough for me, but alas, I was fooled once again and had a hard time figuring out what time it was for the first hour of my awake. Things got sorted out and I made my way to Mr. Gergis' apartment in West Oakland. Mark lives directly across from the BART line, so you can grapple-hitch a ride from the 1st story window under the transbay tube into SF. Convenient. When I arrive at his abode, Mark has his Porest setup all ready to go, with 2 microphones, cd players, ipod, a laptop, a mixer, some prepared text, coffee, cigs, etc. For AprilFool Day, I replaced the standard intro file with the theme song to WKRP in Cincinatti, and then the outro loop to a really long, 4-verse version of the theme song to WKRP in Cincinatti (wanna know the real backstory to