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Karla LaVey brings the muletime dread yet again for another installment of her BLACK X-MASS celebration. A really fun and dreary christmas-themed variety show great for the wee hours of christmas night with THE FAM when everyone's drunk and tired and the kids are all XBOXING their WEES into each other's IPOOD. Stick this on, it starts innocently enough with the Nutcracker Suite on Pipe Organ, but very soon you have strange sounds from a french film and before you know it Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS, and either you have a great family and the best of friends, or you drove everyone away and now you can finally settle into your post-holiday vein/fix. ahhhh shucks....merry christmas. HO HO HO! NO NO NO! 1hr57min 108mb Title: Nutcracker Suite on the Pipe Organ Artist: ???? Title: Tam-Tams Cannibales / OST: Le Tresor Des Iles Chinnes Artist: Messageros Killers Boys Title: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas / Christmas Songs Artist: The Three Stooges Title: Auld Lang Sigh