radio/////PONIIA #12


Ok we took a couple weeks off and the world got sicker, or at least the US did, so we had to come back with a wallop. Today's all-star lineup features Victoria Shen, Aaron Dilloway, Zachary James Watkins, and Raven Chacon, with DJ Sue Problema feeding the synapses. I'm gonna leave the sonic descriptors on the floor because, well, you just have to listen. Loud. Rattle those rafters.

pre-show music (DJ Sue Problema) 0:00:00 - 0:15:58
Victoria Shen <+> Aaron Dilloway 0:15:58 - 0:42:30
interlude 1 (DJ Sue Problema) 0:42:30 - 0:55:51
Zachary James Watkins <+> Raven Chacon 0:55:51 - 1:24:17
interlude 2 (DJ Sue Problema) 1:24:17 - 1:38:02
PONIIA 4tet 1:38:02 - 2:07:00
post-show music (DJ Sue Problema) 2:07:00 - 2:25:13

stay safe and keep making noise!

total running time 2hr25min


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