radio/////PONIIA #4


Interesting twists for this week's PONIIA: First off, this is a quartet that has played together before, more than once. I saw them at SF's Canessa Gallery--a great venue/series run by Bryan Day. I've been a fan of Greg Kelley's lips since booking Nmperign (his duo with Bhob Rainey) at the Clit Stop around 20 years ago. The flatulence he coaxes out of the trumpet is utterly industrial in its scope. Jacob Felix Heule is one of my favorite free improv percussionists in the Bay Area or anywhere for that matter--he has incredible posture and manages to exude some kinda zen calm before unleashing a blistering storm. Danishta Rivero does tricks on voice and electronics that i know not how she does. She has a way channelling beauty and ugly in her sound and transcends both ends of the spectrum. Chris Cooper's noise-guitar work as Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase as well as out-rock outfit Fat Worm of Error is always working at you from a multitude of levels simultaneously--poking you in the eyes 3 Stooges style while pantsing you from behind with some kinda sproingy device. So this 4tet is A THING. Secondly, this THING is taking place with 2 of the participants in the same room, but connecting to our server independently, another about 5 blocks away, and another 2 states away. Thirdly, this THING had a practice that we hosted on our server. So soundcrack is acting as some kinda virtual practice space now too. I love it. Finally, this THING features acoustic instruments. Nothing novel there in the world of musical musiques, but a first for us in our PONIIA series. Somehow, the idea of playing remotely via internet just theoretically lends itself more to electronic music and sounds. Not so. I put it out there this document proves that wrong. All three sets are top notch--harsh and dynamic and flowing and absolutely feel like this THING is taking place in a physical space with the players staring each other in the eyes. Pretty remarkable i think. DJ LUCY provides the glue once again and goes a little BUTT NUTZ. Just the way we like it.

pre-show music (DJ LUCY) 0:00:00 - 0:15:31
Danishta Rivero <+> Greg Kelley 0:15:31 - 0:41:39
interlude 1 (DJ LUCY) 0:41:39 - 0:57:35
Chris Cooper <+> Jacob Felix Heule 0:57:35 - 1:26:19
interlude 2 (DJ LUCY) 1:26:19 - 1:44:31
PONIIA 4tet 1:44:31 - 2:10:05
post-show music (DJ LUCY) 2:10:05 - 2:36:29

stay safe and don't forget to stop wash yr sheets!

total running time 2hr36min


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