radio/////PONIIA #1


well, it's been 2 years since I've fired up this particular mode of working, i.e., broadcasting some form of internet radio live to the world and then archiving it so it can be podd'd up for post-consumption. I can't claim any particular hinderance to my regularity of posting these apart from a general lack of focus and enthusiasm that comes in sharp waves and wanes, but here we now are: in a fucked-up landscape of disease and shaky truths and a lot of us are being tested. hard. and there is time, and i believe, a need for us to reach out to each other is some form even through scaly tentacles.

my old pal and music partner Jason Soliday of Crank Satori in Chicago posted something on Twatter about the desire to collaborate online in realtime and mentioned Ninjam, which I hadn't previously heard about. I got to looking into the software and managed to set up a server and sent Soliday a message "hey i've got a ninjam server working--i think--if you are interested some time we should try it out." suffice to say Jason was up and running and sending me blistering waves of that Soliday Sound within about 20 minutes and we spent the next hour or two playing together and decided it was too fun to keep to ourselves. so we enlisted our pals Fletcher Pratt of Midori Records in Oakland, CA and LUER of Fluxus MT in Fargo, ND and formed a plan for a public performance. two duos that have never happened before: LUER <+> bran(...)pos followed by Fletcher Pratt <+> j.soliday finished off with the Tentacled Hand 4tet featuring all four of us. I think the show went about as smooth as i could hope, especially considering all the new technical challenges, and that i was both managing the stream and playing for half the show. i particularly enjoyed my duo with LUER. the archive is complete with the interlude music before between and after the sets.

so this is how PONIIA formed. I think it will happen semi-frequently, maybe even weekly, maybe even for longer than 2 weeks. we'll see. with Soliday and myself co-curating for now, and with different participants from around the globe and different arrangements, it is a promising mode of communing via noises for our current situation.

pre-show music 0:0:00-0:9:55
LUER <+> bran(...)pos 0:9:55-0:43:00
interlude 1 0:43:00-0:50:17
Fletcher Pratt <+> j.soliday 0:50:19-1:14:07
interlude 2 1:14:08-1:23:08
Tentacled Hand 4tet 1:23:10-1:51:17
post-show music 1:51:18-1:54:19

stay safe and don't forget to floss yr teeth!

total running time 1hr54min


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