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On July 6, 2020 prolific composer extraordinaire, Ennio Morricone, passed away, leaving a massive legacy of amazing film music, composition, and sonic experimentation that will stretch and bend genres and minds until the end of time. For this week's PONIIA, we are blessed to have a return visit by DJ Fly-Faced Necronomicones Served by Marziveined Vampires, who happens to be a huge Morricone aficionado. We asked Fly-Faced if she would do a tribute to il Maestro, and she got back to us with "i've, um, pulled 7 hours of music". She cut that 7 hours down some, but we still have a marathon presentation for you this week. The entire show with the live sets totals close to 6 hours. Not a second wasted or filler, and as Fly-Faced mentioned many times, she had to cut out A LOT.

Speaking of the live acts--this week we have visits by Cruel Work engineered by Angela Roberts on cello and Scott Goff on electronics, James Goode, who may or may not have a dermatological connection to Fifth Head from Faxed Head, SFSound contributing director Christopher Burns, and our own J.Soliday stepping out from behind the scenes to rip shit up. The sets are tight and fierce and flow just perfectly with the truly avant-garde sounds of Morricone. This episode is put together with love, grit, and spit. Enjoy.

pre-show music (DJ Fly-Faced) 0:00:00 - 0:14:55
Cruel Work <+> James Goode 0:14:55 - 0:45:04
interlude 1 (DJ Fly-Faced) 0:45:04 - 0:56:56
Christopher Burns <+> J.Soliday 0:56:56 - 1:25:53
interlude 2 (DJ Fly-Faced) 1:25:53 - 1:37:18
PONIIA #15 4tet 1:37:18 - 2:10:01
extended tribute to il Maestro (DJ Fly-Faced) 2:10:01 - 5:48:50

have a great week and grazie il Maestro 4ever!

total running time 5hr48min


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