Showing posts from March, 2007 radio///Sharkiface 03.13.07

A night of Wine and Tamales (and more wine and beer and liquor and bean burritos.oh dear.) The Sharkilady set up drone machines and sparkle drifters which she casually lays into and out of while mixing in music from Bran(...)tism, Replicock, Pigs in the Ground, Tarantism, Loachfillet, Stin-G Cash, The Dicks, Culturcide, Scratch Acid, as well as several unreleased Sharki recordings. The Tarantism cover of Margaritaville is pure retarded joy and Stin-G's Cash-in-a-box is a square meal of nose drippings to feast on. Occasionally, the insane yammering of a flock of peagulls joins the bin, and ms. Yoshimi steals the show with a yowling lead vocal onslaught while a gaggle of dopey humans provide backup trio. The show moves sharply down your brow starting high and ending way way low. huge fun. 2hr2min. 112mb radio///Core of the Coalman 03.11.07

whuh. what a day. waking to THE HEADACHE is quite familiar at this 33=year=old point in life but still my least favorite way of starting a day. combined with the loss of an hour today, it all added up to a funky/late start to my heading off to mr. boehringer's home/studio palace. CORE OF THE COALMAN/jorge lives in a strange old live/work loft converted from what looks to be some sort of churchslashshippingwarehouse. his room is scattered with instruments and sound makers/modifiers both acoustic and electronic. jorge had told me his place is "special" and has a unique sound, so we decided to send a mix of room mics and direct signal to capture the room with the performance. this gives the broadcast a really airy but potent sound--quite exciting! was hoping jorge would catapult me out of (self-made) misery and was not in the least bit disappointed. he is one of the most eclectic musicians i know and quite prolific in his ideas, and thus has no problem filling 2 ho… radio///Loachfillet 03.04.07

Loach sent us to echoplexhell and beyond on this warm sunny sundee of an afternoon. This is a great focussed set from start to finish with a perfect mixture of signature Count Loach selections with his hands-on apploach to never entirely letting the vinyl/tape/digitals do their own thing. "live set" sections begin around 40 minutes in and again at around 1:55 in with special guest Lopey Snapes, but the whole thing crawls from start to finish like a giant metallic snapping turtle happily descending upon PARTY BEACH ISLAND. 2hr15min 124mb. Enjoy your last mohito.

playlist in order:

Title: Gulbin Cone
Artist: Anablebs Peccabus S'pherics Ensemble
Album: Synchopation / Nauseous Jukebox (live)

Title: The Falsies in Brassieres
Artist: Joel Cowan
Album: Songs Heard Through a Keyhole / Nauseous Jukebox (live)

Title: Incidences / RĂ©sonances
Artist: Bernard Parmegiana
Album: De Natura Sonorum / Nauseous Jukebox (live)

Title: Hully Gully
Artist: Unknown from Beirut
Album: Unknown … radio///FACE 02.25.07

a fun day with beautiful music tea chocolate and gum. first actual 'roaming' show. had a few technical snags resulting in FACE's first 2 1/4 songs being wildly un-mixed. but that gets under control and the whole rest sounds quite randy. (plus, i must admit the accidently overdriven guitar in the 2nd song sounds GREAT to me). all music selections by FACE. live FACE starts around 34 minutes in. 1hr.50min. ~100mb. no rain. enjoy.

Playlist in order:

Title: Gambling Boat
Artist: Shirley Q. Liquor

Title: John The Revelator
Artist: Son House
Album: Delta Blues and Spirituals

Title: Black Rat Swing
Artist: Memphis Minnie
Album: The Hound - July 25, 1992

Title: Watcha Gonna Do?
Artist: Lucille Bogan
Album: The Best Of Lucille Bogan

Title: Dark In My Heart
Artist: Lee Hazlewood

Title: Since I Laid My Burden Down
Artist: The Elders McIntorsh and Edwards' Sanctified Singers
Album: Anthology Of American Folk Music (Disc 4)

Title: Sixteen Tons
Artist: Paul Robe…