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Another fist-fuckingly good time from Karla LaVey and her guest DJ Horas S.Guang Sheng. Lots of great great stuff to dive into. Toru Takemitsu, Ghoul, Chrome, BabyNOBurger? Check out Mina Mazzini's lips. i don't know about you, but i'm soiled . 2hr6min 116mb Title: Dick Starr Takes You on the Best Trip of All - California Here I Come Artist: Dick Starr Title: Galle 1/6 fP * rs Splarge (rm) Artist: Blango Title: Water Music for Magnetic Tape Artist: Toru Takemitsu Title: Mutant Mutilator Artist: Ghoul with Title: Para Artist: JF Jenny Clark & WDR Big Band + Joachim Kuhn + Daniel Humair with Title: Bad Acid Artist: Tusco Terror Title: Purple Haze in GI JOE Bar Artist: Vietnam Go-Go Dancer Title: 29.04.1998 Yama Salon Ashiya Japan/METALIVE 1997+1998 Artist: Aube with Title: Sneak Preview of the Martin Jetpack Artist: Martin Jetpack Title: Brain on Scan Artist: Chrome Title: Life of Old/Insides Music Lesson 42 Artist: Ghostband-Skulls For Symphony Title: M radio///KING RIFF 07.25.08

Ahhh King Riff. The sights, the smells, the wonders of it all. An excellent visit to his latest vunderspez in Chinatown! The entrance greets you with a painted RA hands-outreached beckoning you down below into the subterranean dwelling-studio-vomitorium. Mr. Eric Bauer, my longtime collaborator and friend, has been collecting strange and amazing studio gear for the past decade (some of it actually works!), and has now built himself a nice working vintage-style recording studio with control room (and puke piles). He has taken good advantage of this for the broadcast, as the control room is prepped for the first hour's performance--"POPEYE'D": a tape-music onslaught manipulated processed and mixed live during the full-hour of insanity. This is concrete of the best kind. Surprisingly "prolific" (as hans grusel called it the next day). After the first hour, everything devolves in a puke-breathed' fashion down around the corner into the live room and radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE 07.09.08

(btwn here and Andromeda Nebula) with soldering bicarbonate wheal turbine audio cassette measuring devices, broadcast live on ..with host Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket. A huge pile of cassettes, new and oldold: try and love these track names: Stink Floyd, Balls Together; Pop top Vagina Pulloff Orchestra; Hog Maiden is Super Bad Smell. Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten. 2hr5min 116mb Title: Dumpster Divebombing Lessons Artist: Esperik Glare Title: Pink Dress on Broadway Artist: ??? Title: Foul Artist: Aaron Dilloway Title: Augur Artist: Nux Vomica Title: Pop top Vagina Pulloff Orchestra Artist: Ultramundane Title: Carny Artist: Dinosaurs With Horns Title: Meat Plug: Good Luck! Artist: Deep Fried Radio Static Title: Comcass Artist: Lala Marie Gonzales Title: Ghar Ho To Aisa (OST) Artist: Bappi Lahiri mixed with Title: Stink Floyd, Balls Together Artist: Roopy di Rupert(w/ Captain Oof) Title: Li