radio/////PONIIA #8


Some nautical themes this week, which is fantastic cause the heat is really getting to us.

First up this week we have a top-notch duo with Neil Jendon and Stephan Moore, both from Chicago. I have seen Neil play modular synth in Chicago before, but Stephan is new to me, and the two of them match very nicely in a long-form cut and twist. At this point in the live broadcast, things are rolling smooth as silk. Up next is some serious anchor weight with Suki O'Kane and Jorge Bachman. When I asked Suki to play our series, she suggested a duo with Jorge with whom she had a previously scheduled and then cancelled performance due to closures-19. Happy to provide a home for this duo as it cooks. And at this point in the live broadcast, my laptop (and video machine and broadcast host) is starting to cook too! I notice the video getting choppy, but the audio is still pristine. After another well-curated break by WOBBLY who is providing the earglue this evening, the 4tet of these like-minded seafarers launches into the open seas. By this point in the broadcast, the accumulation of heat and overtaxing video brilliance by Fletcher Pratt brings the whole shebang down to it's knees. The video has slowed to a halt, the audio feed entirely shuts down on the broadcast and when i restart it, remains choppy all the way to the end. My laptop is cooked. My brain is fried. The audience throws tomatoes, storms out, and demands a refund. The performers, however, are mostly unaffected and continue on with full intent, and due to Ninjam secretly recording on all participants machines, we have a completely intact recording to provide for you here. These are some deep waters, folks, and really happy we are able to provide the SCUBA while the wooden shards of the fishing boat drift away at the surface.

pre-show music (WOBBLY) 0:00:00 - 0:15:22
Neil Jendon <+> Stephan Moore 0:15:22 - 0:43:09
interlude 1 (WOBBLY) 0:43:09 - 0:55:17
Suki O'Kane <+> Jorge Bachman 0:55:17 - 1:26:56
interlude 2 (WOBBLY) 1:26:56 - 1:37:40
PONIIA 4tet 1:37:40 - 2:14:02
post-show music (WOBBLY) 2:14:02 - 2:32:37

stay safe and don't forget to keep your laptops cool!

total running time 2hr37min


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