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PRINCIPLES OF NON-ISOLATION IN AUDIO #24 We've been on an extended break, but return this week with an impossible lineup including an incredible percussion duo consisting of the Bay Area's  Jacob Felix Heule  and  Reid Karris  from Chicago, followed by the premiere of Bay Area duo Bottled Water featuring  Shatter Pattern  and  Syrinx . The 4tet finds Shatter Pattern fronting 3 percussionists -- they are the EYE in this Boredoms cover band. Spicy-hot spins all around with DJ Fanciulla Gentile . Get them odd time signatures carved into yr forehead and dance. pre-show music (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 0:00:00 - 0:17:15  Jacob Felix Heule <+> Reid Karris   0:17:15 - 0:45:21  interlude 1 (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 0:45:21 - 1:04:23  Bottled Water: Shatter Pattern <+> Syrinx 1:04:23 - 1:32:30  interlude 2 (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 1:32:30 - 1:54:27  PONIIA #24 4tet 1:54:27 - 2:20:12  post-show music (DJ Fanciulla Gentile) 2:20:12 - 2:56:14  have a great week and  go vote your ass off