radio/////PONIIA #25


Big fans of Halloween/Horror/Dia de los Muertos here at soundcrack, and with that in mind we present to you this week, 4 hours of nonstop terror. Brought to you by our lovely rotten guests including DJ Transient who packs a seriously fun variety pickaxe serving up our live acts on a platter. We start with Loachfillet's Cosmic Kite Memorial, performed from Oakland, CA. Loach finishes his set up by premiering a new cumbia macabre from Ritmos Tropicosmos "La Mujer del Agua". We follow up with Marlo Eggplant (Baltimore, MD) in duet with Eva Aguila (Los Angeles, CA). Next we have Venison Whirled (Austin, TX) and VIKI (Chicago, IL). And finally, Anvil Encephalopathy performs "To a Bloody Fucking Pulp", a conducted horror score featuring Danishta Rivero (vox), Carl French (bass), Tyler Harwood (drums), Zachary James Watkins (guitar), Jason Stamberger (keys), Carrie Barclay (bassoon), Angie Edwards (soundscape), David Lim (harsh noise), Jason Soliday (electronics), and Jake Rodriguez (cello). All 10 of our sonic undead playing from a different geographic location. Quite an undertaking, and we believe it was bloody successful. 

pre-show music (DJ Transient) 0:00:00 - 0:14:07 
Loachfillet's Cosmic Kite Memorial 0:14:07 - 0:39:29 
Ritmos Tropicosmos 0:39:29 - 0:44:04 
interlude 1 (DJ Transient) 0:44:04 - 0:59:48 
Marlo Eggplant & Eva Aguila 0:59:48 - 1:14:59 
interlude 2 (DJ Transient) 1:14:59 - 1:36:11 
Venison Whirled & VIKI 1:36:11 - 1:52:25 
interlude 3 (DJ Transient) 1:52:25 - 2:09:29 
Anvil Encephalopathy 2:09:29 - 2:41:52 
afterparty (DJ Transient) 2:41:52 - 3:59:52 

have a great week! Orange you glad it's over?

total running time 3hr59min


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