radio///Porest 04.01.07

An April 1st treatise: The day began with half my household's clocks leaping ahead an hour as I guess today was the original Daylight Savings before the big Busheroo energy-saver. Frankly--one of these a year is enough for me, but alas, I was fooled once again and had a hard time figuring out what time it was for the first hour of my awake. Things got sorted out and I made my way to Mr. Gergis' apartment in West Oakland. Mark lives directly across from the BART line, so you can grapple-hitch a ride from the 1st story window under the transbay tube into SF. Convenient. When I arrive at his abode, Mark has his Porest setup all ready to go, with 2 microphones, cd players, ipod, a laptop, a mixer, some prepared text, coffee, cigs, etc. For AprilFool Day, I replaced the standard intro file with the theme song to WKRP in Cincinatti, and then the outro loop to a really long, 4-verse version of the theme song to WKRP in Cincinatti (wanna know the real backstory to the show--check out the homoerotic 3rd verse!) Turns out the Porest firewall is pretty invincible, and in the end I think very few folks were actually able to tune in and instead were treated to WKRP over and over and over. ha ha! joke on you! joke on me! Well, here's the amazing, full 2-hour set that no one heard but is just chock full of unreleased Porest/Mono Pause originals and collections, some live radio-theater, and some candid/accidental open-mic conversation--all masterfully collaged and massaged between segments of field recordings, family albums, and pop-folk musiques collected from around the world. Baby, if you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me... 1hr55min 130mb


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