radio///Anti-Ear 04.05.07

Yah. The machines do not lie. Many-many-a-patch-cord-and-blinking-led-running-the-spectrum-of-color-and-sound-with-finer-resolution-than-puff-clouds-in-a-blue-sky-later I feel a lucky man to sit in the dimly light room warmed by cocktails and pharmaceuticals whilst the analog robot army marches forward to reign supreme upon my brain. The Anti-Ear coaxes his machines along skewered paths to begin the set, blending his warm drone style with the last vestige of your drained colon sputtering to its final locale. Then a 20-minute sleight-of-hand-picked classics while he disassembles his entire patch and creates something completely fresh and unplanned for set#2, which begins with a beautifully strange percussion and vocal procession before launching into a familiar and very focussed draw on both digital and analog synth movements--it seems he has saved the best for last! It's a short but very sweet second set that leads into a well-picked collection of obscure Brown Whorenet and other T project rarities. Inspiring as hell: Check out the D.R.I. cover by Aaartfystte (another T+P project) near the end of the set. 1hr55min 107mb Gin and Tonic.

Title: I Have Mask.
Artist: Anti-Ear
Album: Live right now.

(~35 mins)

Title: I Hate My Job
Artist: Butthole Surfers
Album: Humpty Dumpty LSD

Title: You Dance
Artist: Y.Bhekhirst
Album: Hot in the Airport

Title: Boogin Around
Artist: 3 Day Stubble
Album: Monster

Title: Chase Music
Artist: R.D. Burman
Album: Memoirs -2

Title: Geiger Counter
Artist: Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Album: Retro Rocket Back To Earth

Title: Handa Wanda
Artist: Bo Dollis & the Wild Magnolias
Album: 30 Years...And Still Wild!

Title: Horses
Artist: David Byrne
Album: In Spite of Wishing and Wanting

Title: If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)
Artist: George Jones
Album: I Am What I Am

Title: Laissez Yo Di
Artist: Voodoo Drums
Album: Voodoo Drums in Hi-Fi (Atlantic, 1296, 1958)

Title: The Modern Dance
Artist: Pere Ubu
Album: Datapanik in the Year Zero (1975-1977)

Title: Tipitina
Artist: Professor Longhair
Album: A Proper Introduction to Professor Longhair

Title: Track04
Artist: Shooby Taylor
Album: Various


Title: You Have Mask.
Artist: Anti-Ear
Album: Live Right Now.


Title: Fwha
Artist: Brown Whorenet
Album: Valamaramaro

Title: Now is the Time for Wow
Artist: The Peen Beets
Album: The Peen Beets Get Cancelled

Title: Maries Poncho Eggs
Artist: Aaartfystte
Album: Rhonda Christmas 2006

Title: I Don't Need Society (D.R.I.)
Artist: Aaartfystte
Album: Demo/Local Live

Title: Weird Music Turns Me Into a Lesbian
Artist: Aaartfystte
Album: Demo/Local Live

Title: StressAttackStressAttackStressAttackStressAttack
Artist: StressAttackStressAttackStressAttackStressAttack
Album: StressAttackStressAttackStressAttackStressAttack

Title: Waltz
Artist: Brown Whorenet
Album: Royal Ballet

Title: Get Out
Artist: Brown Whorenet
Album: The Secret

Title: That's Why We're Married
Artist: Brown Whorenet
Album: Shock and Awe Tour

Final Goodbye


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Gorpy said…
ug, i thought id gotten away from brown whornet....

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