radio///Core of the Coalman 03.11.07

whuh. what a day. waking to THE HEADACHE is quite familiar at this 33=year=old point in life but still my least favorite way of starting a day. combined with the loss of an hour today, it all added up to a funky/late start to my heading off to mr. boehringer's home/studio palace. CORE OF THE COALMAN/jorge lives in a strange old live/work loft converted from what looks to be some sort of churchslashshippingwarehouse. his room is scattered with instruments and sound makers/modifiers both acoustic and electronic. jorge had told me his place is "special" and has a unique sound, so we decided to send a mix of room mics and direct signal to capture the room with the performance. this gives the broadcast a really airy but potent sound--quite exciting! was hoping jorge would catapult me out of (self-made) misery and was not in the least bit disappointed. he is one of the most eclectic musicians i know and quite prolific in his ideas, and thus has no problem filling 2 hours with different, compelling material. you will hear viola, voice, synth, pages of a composition book being turned, rattling keys, organ, piano board, and lots and lots of effects. it was my treat to say the least (and he made me curry and couscous to boot!) now it is your treat, though you miss out on the curry. 2hrs1min 111mb


Jason Martin said…
Looking forward for more amazing posts like this one.
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