radio///Satanic Church Radio 09.24.07

Karla LaVey and guest DJ Gareth Ikemuntz flush the cosmos with tape head cleaner and call it a day. Continuing in the tradition of contra-exposed fingertip musicalities with noises or (in this case) ridiculous religious rantings and retard porn (same thing!) o, the sicko in the brain must must increase his bust. 2hr01min 111mb

Title: Ghostly Sounds
Artist: v/a

Title: Pink Panther Theme
Artist: Stu Boyer

Title: JR Train to Akihabara
Artist: ??

Title: Part 3
Artist: Wizard Prison

Title: Novcic
Artist: Ivo Robic

Title: D of P Audio Bastard
Artist: Cranial Incisore

Title: ??
Artist: the Domestic Front

mixed with

Title: Russian Exorcism
Artist: ??

Title: Odessa Discovery
Artist: The Odessa File (OST)

Title: s/t
Artist: Kites

Title: I'm Just a Guitar and Everyone Picks on Me
Artist: Pipe Organ & Percussion

Title: A Release
Artist: Klowd

Title: Wabash Blues
Artist: Jack Loren

mixed with Our Lady of the Roses

Title: Oramics
Artist: Daphne Oram

Title: Patricia
Artist: Perez Prado

Title: Oramics
Artist: Daphne Oram

Title: I Just Want to Celebrate
Artist: Mike Reed

mixed with

Title: If You Ever Fall This Low
Artist: Darph Nader

Title: Snake Kapital
Artist: Warning Broken Machine

mixed with

Title: Cinnamon Skin
Artist: Marimbas Mexicanas

mixed with

Title: Sub One
Artist: Gert Jan Prins

Title: Pobre Principe Encantado
Artist: Vanusa

Title: Live at RRRecords
Artist: Dan Bodah

mixed with

Title: April in Portugal
Artist: Xavier Cugat

Title: Hoedown Medly
Artist: Johnny Kemm

Title: In the Still of the Night
Artist: Johnny Kemm

mixed with Ace Frehley Steals the Show

Title: Roomy Barbecue Pact
Artist: Ploc Munster

mixed with

Title: RAI Studio of Musical Phonology
Artist: Bruno Maderna

Title: Only Death is Certain
Artist: Death Unit

Title: Se telefonando
Artist: Mina Mazinni / Ennio Morricone

Title: Live in Buffalo, NY
Artist: Greg Greg

Title: Catana
Artist: Ethel Smith

Title: Carillon de Westminster
Artist: Louis Vierne

mixed with

Title: Lucious Beebe Anyone?
Artist: Sound in Motion

Title: In the Shadow of the Horns
Artist: Winters in Osaka

Title: Jezebel
Artist: Frankie Laine

terrible retarded sex sequence

Title: Alles Vorbehalten
Artist: Der Plan

Title: Live in Santa Barbara
Artist: Kukie Matter

Title: Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
Artist: Riz Ortolani

Title: Green
Artist: +Dog+


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