radio///Satanic Church Radio 12.17.07

Soundcrack is back after a 2-month break due to work constraints and the Satanic Church Radio (our most frequent and gracious guests) return us to form with another fine medley of worm-bait meets charm&schmaltz. Karla LaVey and special guest Leandra Kastoza offer a rotten eggnog chaser for the hell-o-day blues. The great orchestral catastrophe by Vinko Globokar starts us off before launching into the heavy-cookie onslaught of Sanctifier, and, well--surprises are in store. That's your name on the gravestone, scrooge. bah... 1hr59min 109mb

Title: Oblak Seman
Artist: Vinko Globokar

Title: Chutulu Master of R'yleh
Artist: Sanctifier

Title: Rare/Unreleased
Artist: Earfuck

Title: Drei Stucke aus der "Lyrischen Suite"
Artist: Alban Berg

Title: Track 06
Artist: Eraritjaritjaka

Title: Let's Fall in Love
Artist: Cascading Voices of the Hugo & Luigi Chorus

Title: Acid Bath Drip Bones
Artist: Pain Jerk

Title: 20/20 Vision
Artist: Jimmy Martin and the Osbourne Brothers

Title: untitled
Artist: Electronic Music from Bratislava

Title: Perpendicular Thrust
Artist: Airway

Title: Lebanon & Beyond Comp--In the Afternoon, from "Franz Hautizingers Oriental Space"
Artist: Hautzinger, Kerbaj, Hinteregger, Sehnaoui

Title: 45 from the Museum of Viral Memory
Artist: ????

Title: Spook Stuff
Artist: ????

Title: String Quartet No. 3
Artist: Elliott Carter/Juilliard Quartet

Title: Slim Slap Slur Napse
Artist: Bloody Slit

Title: Lowrey Organ Demo
Artist: ????

Title: Cunt Tree Jam Boring
Artist: Incest Cattle

mixed with

Title: Loop
Artist: Lockers Compilation

Title: The Lady in Red (Busby Berkeley)
Artist: Wini Shaw

Title: Zeitgiest
Artist: Fear of God

Title: So, Do the Zonk
Artist: Donna Lorren

Title: Stalk
Artist: Lasse Marhaug/Paal Nilssen Love

Title: Pastorale
Artist: Poulenc

Title: ????
Artist: Lt. Caramel

Title: Walk on Gilded Splinter
Artist: Dr. John

Title: Tico Tico (ORGAN)
Artist: CJ Golfer

Title: Traditional Chinese Songs on Traditional Instruments
Artist: Hupeh Opera Troupe Orchestra and the Honan Theatrical School

Title: Live
Artist: Maja Ratkje

Title: Missle Monkey
Artist: Don Miller

Title: non-functional reel-to-reel cells
Artist: aunts analog

Title: pour resitant and orchestre
Artist: ivo malec

mixed with

Title: TNGNT
Artist: a night in palermo

mixed with

Title: Live in Concert
Artist: Klaus Wunderlich Wersi

Title: Prelude Fugue in G Major
Artist: Nicolaus Bruhns

mixed with

Title: Invisible Chemist
Artist: James Amoeba

Title: My Boyfriend's Learning Karate
Artist: Charlie and Chan

Title: Professional
Artist: S.O.G.T.

Title: Variations for Orchestra
Artist: Elliott Carter

Title: Lenny Dee Live Show in Chicago Part 1
Artist: Lenny Dee


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