radio///KING RIFF 07.25.08

Ahhh King Riff. The sights, the smells, the wonders of it all. An excellent visit to his latest vunderspez in Chinatown! The entrance greets you with a painted RA hands-outreached beckoning you down below into the subterranean dwelling-studio-vomitorium. Mr. Eric Bauer, my longtime collaborator and friend, has been collecting strange and amazing studio gear for the past decade (some of it actually works!), and has now built himself a nice working vintage-style recording studio with control room (and puke piles). He has taken good advantage of this for the broadcast, as the control room is prepped for the first hour's performance--"POPEYE'D": a tape-music onslaught manipulated processed and mixed live during the full-hour of insanity. This is concrete of the best kind. Surprisingly "prolific" (as hans grusel called it the next day). After the first hour, everything devolves in a puke-breathed' fashion down around the corner into the live room and AEROBICS KING begins its meat-pummel. This version of Bauer's long-lived KING consists of King Riff on guitar, Super-Cute Pete on drums, ELandmark on bass and farfisa, Chobs on vocals, Ackerman on percussion, and herkyjaerk on bass and farfisa (2), fucking out "HUNG LIKE MARLA GIBBS AKA CHARLES BARKLEY'S BIG TIP". All right, listeners, to do this correctly, you need to get yourself a 5th of Jim Beam, start drinking at the beginning of the set, vomit into your mouth about an hour into the set, swallow it down hard, strip down nude and sweaty and sip slowly through the puke taste until the full 2 hours is up. 1hr51min 102mb


Blondor said…
Aerobics King? Really? OK.

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