radio///SATANIC CHURCH RADIO 12.22.08

Karla LaVey brings the muletime dread yet again for another installment of her BLACK X-MASS celebration. A really fun and dreary christmas-themed variety show great for the wee hours of christmas night with THE FAM when everyone's drunk and tired and the kids are all XBOXING their WEES into each other's IPOOD. Stick this on, it starts innocently enough with the Nutcracker Suite on Pipe Organ, but very soon you have strange sounds from a french film and before you know it Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS, and either you have a great family and the best of friends, or you drove everyone away and now you can finally settle into your post-holiday vein/fix.
ahhhh shucks....merry christmas.HO HO HO! NO NO NO! 1hr57min 108mb

Title: Nutcracker Suite on the Pipe Organ
Artist: ????

Title: Tam-Tams Cannibales / OST: Le Tresor Des Iles Chinnes
Artist: Messageros Killers Boys

Title: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas / Christmas Songs
Artist: The Three Stooges

Title: Auld Lang Sigh
Artist: Hydraulophone

Title: Christmas Island / Christmas Everywhere
Artist: Petty Booka

Title: Learn to Speak Hawaiian / Cassette (undistributed)
Artist: Unknown

Title: Anniversary Song - Whatever Will be Will Be / Dining and Dancing with Olaf Sveen
Artist: Olaf Sveen

Title: My Sweet Texas Blue Bonnet Queen - The First Night of the Full Moon / Dining and Dancing with Olaf Sveen
Artist: Olaf Sveen

Title: Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS This Year
Artist: Tiny Tim

Title: Ore 6
Artist: Alberto Bembo

Title: All She Gets From the Iceman is Ice
Artist: Ada Jones

Title: Jesus Thinks You Are a Jerk
Artist: Frank Zappa

Title: Depressed Christmas / Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America
Artist: Culturecide

Title: My Horses Ain't Hungry / Checkerboard Squares Radio Show Recordings
Artist: The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters

Title: Wurltizer 153 Band Organ
Artist: ????

Title: Mon Amour, O Mon Amour / La Panse (The Pansy) / Ultra-Lounge Volume 10 : A Bachelor in Paris
Artist: Les Baxter

Title: Record Le Petomane Mr. LEFIRES
Artist: Mr Lefrires (Le Petomane)

Title: Man Soll Sich So Schnell Nicht Velieben / US Girls
Artist: Connie Stevens

Title: Aloha from Hell / A Date with Elvis
Artist: The Cramps

Title: Christmas Don't Be Late
Artist: Alvin and The Chipmunks

Title: If You Were the Only Girl in the World
Artist: Anton LaVey

Title: Bambola Spiriti / OST
Artist: Una Lucertola Con La Pella Di

Title: Monster Cocktail
Artist: Les Maledictus Sound / Attention

Title: Goodbye, Tony / US Girls
Artist: Lesley Gore

Title: Una Lucertola Con La Pella Di / OST
Artist: Bambola Spiriti

Title: Federal Bureau of Narcotics
Artist: Wild Man Fischer

Title: They Threw Me Out of Church
Artist: Wesley Willis

Title: Ne Dis Pas Aux Copains / Poupee De Son
Artist: France Gall

Title: Rings of Saturn / False Sacrament / Schlong Split 10"
Artist: False Sacrament

Title: The Way That It Began / A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant
Artist: The Fabulous Entourage

Title: Ruba Al Prossimo Tuo (seq.5) / Ruba Al Prossimo Tuo
Artist: Ennio Morricone

Title: Atomic Superman Speech
Artist: Bela Lugosi

Title: Pachebells Canon
Artist: Hydraulophone

Title: One, Two, Three, The Devil's After Me!
Artist: ????

Title: Blue River Waltz
Artist: Olaf Sveen

Title: Kitten on the Keys Strokes Her Pussy / I Wanna Be Sedated
Artist: Kitten on the Keys

Title: Perfidia / Volume II: Organs in Orbit
Artist: Jackie Davis

Title: ????
Artist: King Earl Boogie Band

Title: Jingle Hells Bells / The Complete Twisted Christmas Collection
Artist: Bob Rivers

Title: Like, I Love You / Beat, Beat, Beatsville - Beatnik Rock 'n' Roll
Artist: Edd "Kookie" Byrnes

Title: Oran Outan / Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg
Artist: Jane Birken & Serge Gainsbourg

Title: Animal Saloon
Artist: Jean Jacques Perrey

Title: Idiot Boyfriend / The Bathroom Wall
Artist: Jimmy Fallon

Title: Snap 'n' Whistle / John Barry - The EMI Years (1957-1960), Vol 1
Artist: John Barry

Title: Come On Santa, Let's Have a Ball / I Know What He Wants for Christmas (But I Don't Know How to Wrap It)
Artist: Kay Martin & Her Body Guards


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