radio///Satanic Church Radio 04.07.08

Got a new headshell on my turntable that fixes all the vinyl problems!! Now gotta figure out why youtube won't cooperate. Karla LaVey and special guest Zarem Bunndel this time with the best SCR programme yet. John Barry/
Drobomatic/Fat Worm sequence is especially tasty. The final ugly from Ozma Dawn====. Butbutbut, the Bermudas doing Donny on 45 = favorite girl-band-tween-the-legs-stew i've heard in ages--just listen to the backing vocals. Dohhahhhahahhhnnny... 1hr58min 108mb

Title: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden
Artist: Robert Edwards - Pipe Organ Favorites

Title: High Mayhem Festival 2003
Artist: ????

Title: Recalcitrants
Artist: Walter Carson

Title: I Need a Vacation
Artist: Jim Backus (aka Mr. Magoo)

Title: Live Enemy
Artist: Demons

Title: 100 Silk Buttons from the room upstairs (track 2)
Artist: Chris Dadge & Rachael Wadham

Title: Bruce is Back (OST)
Artist: John Barry

Title: Limes and Leather Escape Clubs
Artist: Drobomatic

mixed with

Title: The World of Man Vol. 1 - His Work
Artist: ????

Title: Out of the Eyes Are Scratched (Tape up the bad one so it doesn't get away)
Artist: Fat Worm of Error

mixed with

Title: Five
Artist: KK Null

Title: Logs
Artist: Paul Chihara

Title: Donny
Artist: The Bermudas

Title: Digital Autopsy
Artist: Impaled

Title: Oy Vey, What a Dream--The World of Las Vegas
Artist: Ken (Nevada) Maines

Title: Wind Farm
Artist: Bent Spoon Trio

mixed with

Title: Akt mit Feile (fur A.O.) + Hosen, die nicht aneinander passen
Artist: Holger Hiller

Title: Music for Dining
Artist: ???

Title: eyetuber apothegm

Title: Esquerita and the Voola
Artist: Esquerita

Title: Sex with Dead Soldiers
Artist: A Fashionable Disease

Title: Las Bueyes....N
Artist: Marimbas Mexicanas

Title: The Empty Quarter
Artist: Hair Police

Title: Stunt Number 2: Chimp sucked Me
Artist: The Dramatics

Title: Iron Maiden
Artist: John Berberian & the Rock East Ensemble

Title: Moonlight in Vermont
Artist: Eddie Greene and Stephen Iles

Title: Memory Collapse
Artist: Lambs Gamble

Title: The Rockford Files
Artist: Ensemble Petit & Screenland Orchestra

Title: Mass Sterilization Caused by Venereal Disease
Artist: No Trend

Title: Focault Zombie
Artist: Roger Stella

mixed with

Title: ?????
Artist: Pyschologicas Traumas

mixed with

Title: Psychogeist
Artist: Wolf Eyes

Title: Meditation
Artist: Claudine Longet

Title: S/T
Artist: Ozma Dawn


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