radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE #2 10.07.08

(btwn here and Andromeda Nebula)

with soldering bicarbonate wheal turbine audio cassette measuring devices, broadcast live on

..with host Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket.

A huge pile of cassettes, new and oldold: Check big chunk of pre-Sublime Frequencies Alan Bishop travelogue about midway in--also some really strange found tapes sputter this turdwick. Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten. 2hr4min 114mb

Title: Wonderful Summer
Artist: Robin Ward

Title: Fox on the Box - Village People
Artist: Cock E.S.P.

Title: Alien Moxy Mask
Artist: UBZUB

Title: Recorded January '07
Artist: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Title: Scat Credit Sports Caster
Artist: Ugly Dwarf

Title: ????
Artist: Cambodian Garage Music

Title: The Raider
Artist: Spine Scavenger

Title: The Walls Are Bleeding
Artist: Jarboe

Title: Tape 11
Artist: Voice of Pakistan

Title: Into the Blonde Kodak
Artist: Cancer Bunny

Title: Op.32 "When the Cerebellum Unfolds Its Wings"
Artist: Plonsky

Title: Titan Resonance:Part1&2

Title: Australian Political Wit-Snake
Artist: John Watermann

Title: A Short Skirt in Cairo/I Was A Librarian At Alexandria
Artist: Alan Bishop

Title: The Little Drummer Boy
Artist: High Karate

Title: Stretching of the Cave
Artist: Shitty Vibe Smasher

Title: Baby Test Tape for Larynx Clog
Artist: ???

Title: Eaten Alive (OST)
Artist: William Bell & Tobe Hooper

Title: La Bomba
Artist: Xavier Cugat

Title: Applaud Alfonso's Autobiography / Abaft
Artist: The A Band

Title: Live at Sofie's Living Room
Artist: Deerhoof with Masonna

Title: Santa Crud
Artist: The Lowdown

Title: Yaaden Vol V
Artist: ???

Title: The Shining
Artist: Coyote Ugly

Title: Disco
Artist: Culturcide

Title: Braindead
Artist: James Twig Harper

Title: Es ist nicht totenkunst, es ist kartofollen gesehen
Artist: Heinz Kraft

Title: Shopping Cart Sensation
Artist: Sub Aquatics


Title: Split Cassette
Artist: Algiers

Title: Monster Rock Cassette / Nightmares
Artist: ??

Title: Live On Broadway 8/21/82
Artist: Johanna Went

Title: Bob Floats
Artist: Hope Floats

Title: Rubber Bullets
Artist: Prurient


Title: ???
Artist: Spiderman the Dog

Title: Found Tape: Crying
Artist: ??


Title: Entropy and Atrophy
Artist: Bill Horist

Title: Here See Tape
Artist: Sejayno

Title: NRV 1
Artist: C 103

Title: Cape Scott
Artist: Coastal

Title: Idiot Stick
Artist: Debt of Nature

Title: Main Tera Tota
Artist: Paap in Duniya


Title: me perdre pour toujours me consumer completement
Artist: Tourette

Title: Ear Muffins
Artist: Meerk Puffy

Title: Education in Foreign Language / Help TApe
Artist: ???

Title: Goiter Slam at 5:09
Artist: Constellations

Title: Lava
Artist: Chris Brown


Title: Nine from Underground (comp)
Artist: Pillowtexans


hello! i'm looking for some rare UBZUB recordings (bootlegs/radio shows/unreleased studio stuff. not the official releases). can you help me? i got big music collection so i can share something for you too.

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