radio///SATANIC CHURCH RADIO 07.28.08

Another fist-fuckingly good time from Karla LaVey and her guest DJ Horas S.Guang Sheng. Lots of great great stuff to dive into. Toru Takemitsu, Ghoul, Chrome, BabyNOBurger? Check out Mina Mazzini's lips. i don't know about you, but i'm soiled. 2hr6min 116mb

Title: Dick Starr Takes You on the Best Trip of All - California Here I Come
Artist: Dick Starr

Title: Galle 1/6 fP * rs Splarge (rm)
Artist: Blango

Title: Water Music for Magnetic Tape
Artist: Toru Takemitsu

Title: Mutant Mutilator
Artist: Ghoul


Title: Para
Artist: JF Jenny Clark & WDR Big Band + Joachim Kuhn + Daniel Humair


Title: Bad Acid
Artist: Tusco Terror

Title: Purple Haze in GI JOE Bar
Artist: Vietnam Go-Go Dancer

Title: 29.04.1998 Yama Salon Ashiya Japan/METALIVE 1997+1998
Artist: Aube


Title: Sneak Preview of the Martin Jetpack
Artist: Martin Jetpack

Title: Brain on Scan
Artist: Chrome

Title: Life of Old/Insides Music Lesson 42
Artist: Ghostband-Skulls For Symphony

Title: Mustapha
Artist: The Quests (Singapore)

Title: Baby No Burger
Artist: Krystal Marimba Lounge

Title: Comme Un Clou
Artist: Nicole Paquin

Title: Symphony Rogue Jaune
Artist: Paul Boisselet

Title: Clockwork Orange/Immortal Film Hits
Artist: Tony Smith

Title: Demain tu te maries
Artist: Patricia Carli


Title: Reality Gates
Artist: Steve Birchall

Title: 45Ann
Artist: Torturing Nurse

Title: For the Sickly Weaklings
Artist: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer


Title: Movement IV/They Were Gentle and Pretty Pigs
Artist: Greg Goodman - Mats Gustafsson - George Cremaschi

Title: Le Mille Bolle Blu
Artist: Mina Mazzini + Ennio Morricone Orchestra

Title: Micro-cellular Process
Artist: Analog Synthesizer Ensemble

Title: Les Temoins
Artist: Mireille Mathieu

Title: Estudiantina/"Contrasts" in Theatre pipe ORGAN
Artist: Trevor Bolshaw


Title: das neues Ginger Reich
Artist: Hans Grusel's Krankinkabinet


Title: The Labyrinth/From Czech Electronic Music Studios
Artist: Vaclav Kucera

Title: Wedding Procession
Artist: Frozen Brass - Asia

Title: Rotting Nepal
Artist: Aaron Dilloway

Title: Steppin' no Fetch it
Artist: Koh Enbadagonn Kasahara


Title: Oral
Artist: Ivo Malec

Title: Terry
Artist: Twinkle

Title: Movin' With the Three Sons
Artist: The Three Sons

Title: Side A track 3
Artist: Bird-themed Chinese LP

Title: Breakfast of Aliens
Artist: Kwisp

Title: Falling in Love with a Monster Man
Artist: Screaming Lord Sutch

Title: Music
Artist: Lee Rockey


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