(btwn here and Andromeda Nebula)

with soldering bicarbonate wheal turbine audio cassette measuring devices, broadcast live on

..with host Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Pi Socket.

A huge pile of cassettes, new and oldold: try and love these track names: Stink Floyd, Balls Together; Pop top Vagina Pulloff Orchestra; Hog Maiden is Super Bad Smell. Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten. 2hr5min 116mb

Title: Dumpster Divebombing Lessons
Artist: Esperik Glare

Title: Pink Dress on Broadway
Artist: ???

Title: Foul
Artist: Aaron Dilloway

Title: Augur
Artist: Nux Vomica

Title: Pop top Vagina Pulloff Orchestra
Artist: Ultramundane

Title: Carny
Artist: Dinosaurs With Horns

Title: Meat Plug: Good Luck!
Artist: Deep Fried Radio Static

Title: Comcass
Artist: Lala Marie Gonzales

Title: Ghar Ho To Aisa (OST)
Artist: Bappi Lahiri

mixed with

Title: Stink Floyd, Balls Together
Artist: Roopy di Rupert(w/ Captain Oof)

Title: Like Spain. Silver Spots Boil
Artist: At Jennie Richie & PLETHORA


Title: Demos.
Artist: Crucifucks

Title: Live
Artist: Take Up Serpents

Title: Live 2/14/2007 ExpFolx series, S.F.
Artist: Head Boggle Domo Master

Title: March of the Ballberries
Artist: Dingus


Title: Live at Heresy House 2008
Artist: Hatred

Title: Bloc Des Dogcookie
Artist: De Fabriek

Title: Hog Maiden is super bad smell
Artist: The Vickly & Ohdorockanize

Title: The Medusa Demonstration 1986
Artist: Maybe Mental

Title: Mother(over)Load
Artist: Speculum Fight


Title: Blight
Artist: Blight

Title: Split Cassette
Artist: Mini-Systems


Title: Sex Phone Calls
Artist: Random Psychic Vampire

Title: Live at the Orange County Bowling Alley
Artist: Part-Time Christians

Title: Recorded January'07
Artist: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Title: Sangeetha Saamrat - Idhi kannuluu palike
Artist: Susheela & S.P.B.


Title: Annilation Nihil (May '83)
Artist: Krang

Title: Organ Harvesting Vol. 16
Artist: Exhumanations

Title: Swallowed
Artist: Geistus

Title: Solitary Hinton Force
Artist: The White Hand

Title: Crystal Compilation
Artist: C.C.C.C.

Title: Bathyscaphe (Aphotic and Benthic Zones)
Artist: RK Faulhaber


Title: Pulse Parka
Artist: Forcefield

Title: Jaag Utha Insan (OST) - Morni Ne Seekha
Artist: Asha Bhosle

Title: JK Tapes "split" w/ Acre
Artist: Honed Bastion

Title: Aquilifer Sodality Present Lyoto Music
Artist: Lyoto Music

Title: Outtakes From Pure Fucking Chaos
Artist: Monobrain

Title: Night of the Lone Wolf p.3
Artist: Failing Lights

Title: Songs for Shipwrecks
Artist: Ark Spurting Blood


Title: The Herpes of Crafts
Artist: Pittman/Woolf/Maherr

Title: Nike Village
Artist: Patootie Lobe

Title: Slow Death
Artist: L├Ądernunnan

Title: untitled from Dwarf
Artist: Le Syndicat & Merzbow

Title: Strain Theory Tapes 2007 split w/ Placenta Popeye
Artist: Slicing Grandpa


charlie m. said…
just noticed this via google thanks for getting esperik glare out there!

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