radio///in mem w/ WAXY TOMB 12.02.17

December 02, 2017 special guest WAXY TOMB joins me in the studio to play tribute to friends and loved ones lost one year ago to the tragic fire in Oakland. Along the way we are joined by Yasi Perata and James Decker. Tribute is paid, but more than that, this is a celebration of amazing music and amazing peoples. We turn the studio into a dance party and beastly noise wallop, share some thoughts and fond memories of our friends, and join in the comfort of a communal grief.

There is some seriously great, kick-ass music in this show —maybe 85% of I had rarely or never heard. We didn’t set out to offer a comprehensive listen to all the victims of the fire—that’s not what this is. WAXY/Jules and I (as well as Yasi and James) could spend hours focused just on the art/music of Jsun Adrian McCarty and Micah Danemayer, so we grab onto their merry-g0-round and orbit outward from there. I am particularly blown away by the music of Griffin Madden and Polar/Barrett Clark that I hadn’t heard before, and I am sure you will find something new and surprising in this 3-hour block.

Final thoughts: take care of yourself; find music and artists that you are passionate about and share with others; go see more live shows - support the artists you love; and drink plenty of water! ❤️❤️
461mb 3hrs7min


Love Oakland - A Benefit for Those Affected by the Ghost Ship Fire

Hybrid Veils: The Artwork of Jsun Adrian McCarty
@ ProArts Gallery Dec 01 2017 - Dec 13 2017

Title: Eudaemonia
Artist: Them Are Us Too
Album: Remain

Title: Dorf Jungs Podcast 026: Griffin Madden
Artist: Griffin Madden
Album: n/a

Title: Artists in the Time of War
Artist: Joey Casio
Album: Debtor’s Prison b/w Artists in Times of War

Title: Vinezzz
Artist: R.M.S.
Album: Katabatik Kollektion 3

{break} 0:32:10

Title: Claws
Artist: Nerfbau
Album: Dr. Méniére’s Sideshow

Title: Blight Town
Artist: Nackt
Album: Private Property Created Crime

Title: Glitch
Artist: Polar
Album: Polar ||| Glitch

Title: Mopey Monster / Klown March
Artist: HGS
Album: Polar ||| Glitch

{break} 1:05:03

Title: Third Image
Artist: Paralycyst
Album: n/a

Title: Memory of Pain
Artist: Paralycyst
Album: n/a

Title: Daybreak
Artist: Joey Casio
Album: Daybreak b/w Ignite

Title: Side Z
Artist: Dilated Ears
Album: Alien Slang

Title: Imperial City Eye Panopticon March
Artist: Dilated Ears
Album: Alien Slang

Title: Manic ft. Kara Marie
Artist: Cherushii
Album: Manic

{break} 01:35:42

Title: Side A
Artist: Don Knotts
Album: A Black Day for Mayberry

Title: Dub.Mac
Artist: Polar
Album: How Many Grey Dots

Title: Side A
Artist: The Original Salsa Pile
Album: Memory Apprehension Goggles

Title: November 18 Live in SF at Second Act
Artist: L1p Ch3www3r
Album: n/a

Title: Twin Paradise Mix 001: Griffin Madden
Artist: Griffin Madden
Album: Triworks

{break} 02:42:32

Title: Calling the Eye
Artist: Styrofoam Sanchez
Album: Empire Under Water

{moment of silence} 02:55:06

Title: Walking Through Heaven (Cover)
Artist: Mike D & Piano Rain
Album: Jsun Adrian McCarty Memorial


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