radio///CASSIOPEIA BUFFING ZONE #4 04.06.09

(fighting SRG Magnetar)

Magnetars exist to ruin most of our lives. They run around like stupid fucking babies splashing gamma radiation by the trillions of tons exposing everything to their random neutron star destroying idiocy. Our stomach parasites are at risk. This must be stopped immediately. The most insolent star pulling this fracas is SGR 0526-66. It runs around like a yellow white bubble skateboard destroying precious things like a thousand pentagram horned rhino at an outdoor gynecological crowd awareness demonstration. The Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy has suffered the most, but they say the magnetic wave of death is simply a gesture from Bhrojjhe who strips his war flower for the sake of his fouling battery. The Cloud's inhabitants shrug as gamma entropy pudding tombs what would be a semi productive galaxy.

Join Deep Sea Fishing in Odin's Roulette Socket for a wheal turbine fight of our lives from somewhere near Cassiopeia. Useless and hard unrecyclable plastic will be hurdled with audio directly into the tail section of this monstrosity named SGR 0526-66 from our buffing zone. This will be available through flaypal and mp3 players at a future date also.

Excellent, unheard of material buried in a medium that dissolves. No tapes eaten.2hr03min 113mb

Title: 1996.11.3
Artist: Kazunao Nagata + Masaaki Kikuchi

Title: Documento Clinico
Artist: Xedh & Raun

Title: Jungles of Marines on Acid (Memphis '89)
Artist: Sun City Girls

Title: Molly Petit
Artist: Sissisters

Title: 1-2-3 Touch the Music Chest
Artist: Jack LaLane

Title: Boochi Boochi / Telugu Film Songs
Artist: Raghu Raamudu

Title: Lobster Cave or Texas or Nothing
Artist: Skullcaster

Title: The Sentinel (OST)
Artist: Gil Melle

Title: ????
Artist: ZGA

Title: Heartbeat
Artist: Environments 9: The Healing Magic of Psychoacoustic Sound

Title: There is Color (Unfinished Version)
Artist: Aunt's Analog

Title: ????
Artist: Dave "Baby" Cortez

Title: III. There Died Venus / All Are Guests in the House of the Lord
Artist: Prurient + Kevin Drumm

Title: Window into the Past (live)
Artist: Lukas Foss


Title: Brady Bunch
Artist: c. the ?

Title: Mickey Sockmouse With Veins on the Ears
Artist: My Whole Hand Was Wet

Title: Mosaic of the Orient
Artist: ???

Title: Chrome Genies' Busted Sequoia Hollers
Artist: Chrome Genies

Title: Limited Edition
Artist: Reptile MFZ


Title: Unknown Peking Opera
Artist: ????

Title: Hippo Stomp / New Disasters
Artist: Rotten Piece with Scott Ayers

Title: Pass For Normal / Demo
Artist: Culturcide

Title: Best of Melodies
Artist: George Wright

Title: Wig Leaf Tribal Kid and Wearing Laurels
Artist: Gwak el Cow

Title: Psychomania (OST)
Artist: John Cameron

Title: Live at Killzone / AD 72 17
Artist: Withdrawal Method

Title: Keep My Love Alive
Artist: Eartha Kitt

Title: Recycled
Artist: Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase

Title: Mite Organ (walk around the room and listen)
Artist: Mitchell Brown

Title: Quodlibet
Artist: Emmanuel Nunnes

Title: I Know, I Know
Artist: Damion Romero

Title: Smells Like Burnt Hair
Artist: Skozey Fetisch

Title: Space 1999 / Space Brain Episode
Artist: n/a


Title: Unreleased Unwashed Dinner Plates
Artist: Necrotic Socks

Title: Disco King / Sounds of Sweetness
Artist: ????

Title: Mystic Moog Orchestra
Artist: Mystic Moog Orchestra

Title: Nasty Roy
Artist: Arachnid Arcade

Title: Not a Hand Hole!
Artist: Vibrating Garbage

Title: Turkish Radio
Artist: ?????


Title: Krimposium on Art
Artist: Krimpos

Title: La Queue du Chat Manquant / Plays the Modular Synthesizer
Artist: David Scott Stone

Title: Shivers / Crippled Forest (CF18)
Artist: Browner


Title: The Way Way Out
Artist: Lalo Schirfin

Title: Holiday Cock
Artist: Sisprum Vish


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